Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bargains Galore

Hello there!!

I finally have some exciting things to blog about! It’s been a bit quiet on here lately, but hopefully that’s all about to change because it’s sale season! I’ve managed to pick up a few great bargains, and hopefully Hayley and Trista will too!

Let’s start with a favourite, Mimco. Oh Mimco, I am so in love with all your beautiful and wonderful things. To my delight, they were having a sale so I had to drop in to have a bit of a looksy. I could have bought so much, like at least 10 things. But, I had to control myself and I ended up walking away with only 3 things. Yes, only 3 things, it hardly seems worth it doesn’t it?! I’ll give you a bit of a squiz…

Mimco jewellery

Mimco brown bag

I’ve already worn/used all the items and I love them all, which is not a surprise because Mimco does not disappoint. Sometimes when I know I’m going to look in a Mimco store I have to make sure I’m not wearing too many Mimco items, otherwise I feel a bit over the top and a tad obsessed. Once I went into a store and I think I had a bag, shoes and a pair of earrings, the shop assistant was like ‘nice bag, oh and shoes, oh and earrings’. I felt a bit silly! So back to my things, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to buy a brown bag, it goes with everything, I mean everything! This bag will definitely be getting a lot of use. The sparkly ball earrings, which are quite large and heavy, I saw a while back and have wanted to get them ever since. I’m glad I waited it out, $130 down to $55! The necklace, which I was actually going to get in black and gold but changed my mind at the last minute, and so glad I did, was like $170 or something down to $50! Major bargains!

Let’s move onto something just as exciting as jewellery and bags….. SHOES!

Blue Rubi shoes

Sportsgirl shoes

The blue heels are just a pair of cheapies from Rubi Shoes, $20! I don’t expect them to last me a long time but I thought they would be nice to wear every now and then to brighten an outfit and add a pop of colour.

The black heels, absolutely love love! I saw them and fell in love instantly. I didn’t buy them straight away, I wanted to make sure I really did love them and wasn’t just lust. After a couple of days I couldn’t get them out of my head so I knew it was love. I wore them on the weekend and I couldn’t stop looking at them, if they weren’t so high I would be wearing them every day!

I’ve been looking at my wardrobe lately and it’s looking very dark, lots of black and grey. I felt I needed to lighten the mood of it a bit. I get a lot of inspiration from magazines, I often see things in them I like then try find similar items. I’ve been wanting something leather for a while now, and I didn’t want to buy just the typical black leather jacket. I have a fake leather one that does the job just fine! I saw a light beige coloured jacket in a magazine a while ago, I think it was on Beyonce! Anyway, it stuck in my mind and thought it would be great if I could find something similar.

I wasn’t really looking for one or anything in particular when I came across this, so it was a bit of a nice surprise! I feel I haven’t really had any big buys for a while. I tried it on and I really liked it, it surprised me that it fit so well because most things in Forever New seem to be made for non-human bodies and never fit properly. I was a bit hesitant to buy it because of the price, I know leather isn’t cheap but I wasn’t quite expecting to spend that much money that day. I think I was in the change room for about half an hour trying to decide. I wanted to sleep on it but it was the last one in my size. I decided to take the plunge and just go for it, and turns out I made the right choice, it scanned up at about 45% off! I thought that the girl may have made a mistake because it didn’t have a discount sticker and had no indication that it was discounted. I felt like the lady in those funny Ikea adds, the one where she thinks they make a mistake at the register and runs out the store screaming at her husband to drive!

So, this is the jacket…..

Leather jacket

I love the frill along the front, it adds softness and the shoulders are gathered which makes it look very cutesy. I feel it’s a girly leather jacket, most leather jackets can be really biker chick, which is fine if you’re in the mood but I like to mix it up and go for a more girly style sometimes.

So, I think I should stop buying jackets, shoes and anything Mimco for the time being because I have so many of each! I’m still thinking about all those other wonderful things I saw in Mimco….sigh.

I have a couple more things to show you so check back soon.

Buy Buy for now, don’t forget to check out the June sales!