Friday, July 16, 2010

Wishful thinking…

I felt like writing a little post to hopefully cheer me up. I thought that maybe if I talk through my dilemma with you I may feel a bit better at the end, kind of like therapy I guess. So, this is the problem eating at me….

Mimco are starting to release items from their new season collection, I think you now know where this is going? I’ve seen about 15 new pieces… And from those 15 pieces guess how many I NEED to have….?? Yes, you guessed it, 15! I’ll name a few just from the top of my head, about 3 bags, a scarf, a pair of sunglasses (yes, Mimco are now making sunglasses), a cuff, a couple of pairs of earrings, etc, etc, etc… Oh and shoes, etc, etc…. My head feels like it’s going to explode with all these thoughts and images of me decked out in all this new Mimco gear.

Their new collection is titled ‘An Unpredictable Revolution’. It’s not very unpredictable if you ask me, I already knew every piece was going to be great and totally awesome. Gosh Mimco, maybe you should make really dumb stuff, that would be unpredictable, and then my problem would be resolved. My heart wouldn’t be racing and my head wouldn’t be exploding at the thought of all these new pieces. On a more serious note, the title does actually fit with a lot their new pieces. Some of them are actually unpredictable, I’ve oooooooooo’d at the pictures in surprise. They still have the Mimco signature look and feel but they are different in a way. And did I mention, AMAZING?

Maybe Mimco should compensate me in a way, all this stress they’re causing me. It’s going to take me days, even possibly weeks to decided on which item to buy first, and it’s literally all I will think about in that time. I’m going to go have a look at what they have in store so far, then maybe I’ll write a list so I don’t forget it all. It would be tragedy to miss out on something. Maybe I’ll post my list and you can help me decide on what to get first? Better idea, maybe I could sell a dog or my car so I can afford to buy them all? Or better yet, maybe I should buy a Mimco shop, in the long run it will probably work out cheaper. Oh wait, I already have a Mimco shop in my wardrobe.

I’m now going to curl up under my desk and weep about all the Mimco things I don’t have.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recent addition

Hello out there! I said I was away because I've been buying house things, and indeed I have:

My new settee

I just ordered this. That's it in the showroom, not my house, but seeing as how it won't arrive for a fortnight, that's the best photo I have so far. I'm pretty thrilled - it was half the price of anything similar I've seen anywhere, and I've been looking longer than we've even had the house. I'd like to upholster it in a smoky purple velvet, so if anyone knows a good upholsterer in Perth who doesn't charge the earth, let me know!

The house itself is coming along well. We're painting this weekend, and then I'm going to go to IKEA and get my new wardrobe. Finally! I've been waiting so long, I could weep that it's finally happening. In fact, whenever I get a bit despondent about how various house things are taking longer/costing more than I thought they would, I sketch the wardrobe again. YEP. I've never, ever had a wardrobe that wasn't a catastrophe in space usage, so I'm salivating over the prospect of finally, FINALLY having one. I present a short recap of the wardrobes of my life.

Ages 0-11: A melanine kiddie affair with pink highlights. One hanging rod. Two wide drawers. I don't have the mental acuity to put things away, so once mum stops doing it for me, everything ends up on the floor.
12-20: Built in! One rod, one shelf that I never grew tall enough to reach. Most clothes lived on the floor due to shelf inaccesibility.
1st house post-marriage: Enormous footprint - when combined with bed, bedroom is almost completely full. Smelt like cigarettes. Drawers and rod, but basically unusable due to unconquerable smell. Clothes again spend most of their time in what little floorspace there is.
2nd house: Built in. Three times the size of that in my teenage years but configuration almost identical. Guess the outcome.
3rd house: Stupidly huge - the entire length of enormous bedroom wall. I hide in here for an hour with a magazine the day we move and nobody notices/misses me. Comes with, again, a single rod and a high shelf. We 'invest' in some nasty plastic drawers from Red Dot or similar. Clothes are humiliated but at least not on floor.
4th house: Built in. Good size and configuration, with both rod and a number of easily accessible shelves - but space is much, much larger than the doors and so a large percentage is entirely inaccessible. Clothes are cramped and poorly organized.

Which brings me to the planned new wardrobe. I will not rest until I have a place for everything, and everything in its place. And that's where the Pax/Komplement systems at IKEA come into play. I'll have more to say about this in a few weeks, so watch this space. Until then!

-Hayley xoxo


Just a quick one to show off my new jewels…

These two pieces are AMAZING, both are by Samantha Wills. I tell you what, we must be long lost sisters because I love every single piece she has designed. It literally took me a couple of weeks to finally decide on these two pieces, because I want EVERYTHING! It’s taking every tiny gram of self control I have not to purchase more things… I’m praying I find some money on the way home tonight because I’ll be back on her website ordering more in a milli-second!

This cuff, I honestly cannot stop looking at it. The colours are stunning, the pink stones go perfectly with the aqua. I think it’s very summery, but I won’t be waiting until summer to wear this gem. It’s absolutely perfection! I think I could almost eat it…

Samantha Wills Cuff

This ring is very glamorous! It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but the bigger the better I say! I love a big statement ring so this one is welcomed in my collection with opened arms.

Samantha Wills Ring

I love you Samantha Wills.


P.S - Samantha, if you’re reading this, can I work for you so I can have all you’re jewellery for free, because I can’t afford to buy every piece, and I need to have every piece, please....