Saturday, February 27, 2010

Packages of Happiness

When shopping on the internet there are always 2 highs. The first is when you enter your credit card details and click 'Buy Now', then the second is when you receive your package in the mail. It is sometimes annoying waiting for your precious package to arrive but it's also exciting. You get to appreciate it more because you waited a while for it and you can think about what outfits it will go with and where you could wear it!

I really love accessories, especially things a bit different and sometimes a bit bold and dramatic. I struggle finding these sorts of accessories at reasonable prices, I find a lot of things look cheap and nasty or they're just too boring. Hayley recently introduced me to a shop called 'Anthropologie' and as far as jewellery goes I have won lotto! They have the most amazing pieces, beautiful necklaces, earring and bracelets. Lots of colour, lots of bling and lots of prettiness! I ordered a few items a couple of weeks ago and I finally received them yesterday! There was a bit of a mix-up with one of my items, they sent me the wrong thing, and of course it was the one I wanted and loved the most.....sniff sniff. But these things happen and at least I'll have another package to look forward to receiving and another thing to blog about!

I got these 2 necklaces. They're both so pretty and also a bit different. The flower pendant is on a long chain so it sits around waist height. It's very big too, about 7cm across so it won't go un-noticed. The oriental inspired necklace with the fan and pearly flower is beautiful! Both pieces look great on! They're both very classic looking but unusual at the same time.

Suggestion of Magnolias Necklace

Demure Flutter Necklace

I'm really happy with both these items, it's sometimes hard buying things online and not being able to see them in person before you pay for it but I'm glad to say I'm a happy shopper.

Check back soon for more Anthropologie jewellery because I'm certain I'll be getting more.


Cuteness in the Kitchen

Cuteness is not just for fluffy kittens and little bunny rabbits, cuteness can be had in almost anything, including the kitchen. It's not always a women's favourite place so I think it's important to deck your kitchen out with cute and colourful things. I love oriental inspired housewares so when I saw these adorable tea towels I had to have them. They're almost too cute to use, I don't want to dirty her kimono! I got them from House, brand is Ladelle and they also come in purple and pink.

Tea Towels


Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye $$$

I really love Mink Pink! I am so excited and happy with their fall collection. It is very edgy lots of zips, studs and rips! I know my wish list says that I would like the entire collection (I really do like everything) but I am not sure if this will actually happen! I am pleased to say that I did start off my Mink Pink collection with 3 black skirts! They are all short and as I am not really friends with my legs at the moment I was hesitant to try them on however I did and I was pleasantly surprised. I usually wear short skirts and dresses anyhow but was trying to find something longer that sat just above the knee but I can't pull it off.. I look like a frumpy roast pork. I am happy with the ones I found today and as the weather gets too cold for short skirts I guess I shall just feed my obsession with tights!


Speaking of tights I was in the city and stopped in at Alannah Hill to check out their tights! They actually have some really nice ones! Saw at least 3 pairs I want! I walked away with this pair though... They are called lighter than air thigh high! I love them because it looks like they stop after the lacey knee but they dont!

Alannah Hill Tights

Sportsgirl! Well what can I say here... I love u! I tried on so much stuff in there today! I walked in there after I had been to the gym so here I was looking not too glamorous going in and out of the change room fifty million times lugging my huge gym bag! Everytime I tried something on I had to take my shoes off! Kind of reminded me of Japan! They have this awesome leather jacket which I like better than the Forever New one I wanted so lucky I didn't rush out and buy the first one I saw! I also loved the Audrey Hepburn style jacket I saw in there.. was really really nice.. something totally different to what I would usually wear! And totally different to the theme I wanted to go with this winter.. maybe I can combine the two.. that would make me a grungey Audrey Hepburn in studded heels!
So what did I actually buy?? An oatmeal coloured top which could be classed as a blouse (a nice one tho!), silver chained long drop necklace and a light purply flowered headband!
I shall most definitely be a regular of Sportsgirl in the coming weeks!

Oatmeal top



There was also this really cute book I got the other day! It is by Caroline Cox and is called... How to be Adored.... A girl's guide to Hollywood Glamour! It is seriously so cute! It is pretty much all about old school Hollywood style icons and adopting that style in today's society, with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Mae West, Jackie O and who could forget Marilyn Monroe! Some of it is really funny.. there is this bit that tells you how to wash your face like Marilyn Monroe! hahah Overall it is an interesting read plus it's pink! :-)

How to be adored

So I'm looking at my wish list and I have sort of started getting bits and pieces from it.... Mink Pink... tights.... that's about it! I should stick to what's on the list from now on! There is sooooo much I want to buy... I should save the $$$ but where is the fun in that!

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mon dieu, mon dieu...

Je t'aime Review!

Je t'aime Review!

That's all.

Monday, February 22, 2010

And the list goes on.....

So, I managed to buy a few things from my wish list this weekend but I was faced with a huge problem.... I found many more things to add. So now it’s probably as big or bigger than it ever was. I’ve actually spent a lot of money over the last few weeks so I’m kind of annoyed at myself for always wanting more! I guess it’s that shopping gene I inherited! I’m going to try slow down a bit and save some money over the next month or so... For what you may ask? For a shopping spree of course! What a silly question of you to ask!

This is what I managed to invest in over the weekend...


I saw this jacket towards the start of this year and it’s always been in the back of my mind. I decided to get it so it would stop nagging at me! I found it on the rack and it had been marked down to $59.95...pretty good I thought (I think it was originally $79.95). When the shop assistant scanned it she informed me it was now $20... Yes $20!! This is probably the best bargain I’ve scored all year! I really like it because of the pattern in the fabric and also the cut, a nice twist on your traditional black blazer.

pretty tights

A bit like Tris, I went a bit tight mad this weekend and walked away with 3 pairs. I saw a cream pair of lace tights in the latest issue of Shop Til You Drop. When I went to Alannah Hill they didn’t have them, which didn’t really surprise me. Perth shops don’t tend to stock a lot of things I see in magazines which is a great shame. While I was looking in Forever New I found these 2 pairs. I couldn’t decide which ones I liked more so I decided to get both!

polka dot tights

I picked these Leona Edmiston tights up from Myer. They’re very cute and I really can’t wait to wear them. This weekend is going to be very hot so the first wear may be a few weeks off yet. But, at least I have them!

Patent pumps

My new shiny shoes! I originally wanted them in cream but they didn’t have my size. I equally like the beige colour though. Rachel Zoe said a pair of nude pumps are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe so I trust her! The nude goes with almost every colour so I don’t think you can go wrong. A good thing about heels is they go with everything! These days you can wear a t-shirt, jeans and heels and look fashion forward and chic, then of course they would go well with any dress or skirt. And because they have a closed toe.... TIGHTS anyone?

Lacey top

This top is super pretty. The photo doesn’t do it any justice at all. It’s kind of crossed between a light grey and a violet then the back has a big exposed zip from the neck to the bottom of the top. I’m not sure what colour to wear under it though, I tried a white singlet but that stood out too much. In the pic I have a skin colour singlet on but I don’t think I like this colour with it either. I’m thinking maybe a grey?

So they were my buys from the weekend. I also got the grey tee from my wish list and a couple of bloom nail polishes. I’m also thinking of going back to Alannah Hill to buy a pair of pretty flower earrings I saw but we’ll see. I have a few packages that should be arriving in the next few weeks, some jewellery from Anthropologie, a new pink laptop and I may have accidentally purchased those Dior sunglasses from my wish list. With all of that plus my buys from the weekend I have well and truly blown my budget.... Well, not that I actually give myself a budget but I’ve spend more than enough.....for today anyway :)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Wish For.......................

Things I would like in the next few months...

* Leather Jacket from forever New
* Black studded heels
* Knee High Black heeled boots
* Awesome pair dark rinse and light acid wash skinnies
* A variety of large Chanel imitation handbags in various colours
* A variety of medium to small imitation Marc Jacobs bags in various colours
* The entire Mink Pink 2010 Winter collection
* Over sized statement tees
* Perfumes including the latest Juicy Couture and Anna Sui scents
* Staple gray basic pieces
* Dark shades of nail polish
* Statement jewelery
* tights, tights and more tights

These are things I shall gather over the next months so when winter arrives I shall be all set! I am certain that more will be added though!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just a few things......

I am starting to collect tights! Sportsgirl is my legs' friend! I lovvvveeee the tights in there! So far I have purchased 2 pairs!

Grunge Tights

This pair I wore in my photoshoot! Love tights.. can not wait to collect many more! Under mini shorts! Love that look!


So onto other things.... this is a skirt I purchased a few weeks back! I am really into buying skirts at the moment! It sits just above the waist and sort of balloons out a little bit! The balloon effect is very flattering on the legs!!

Bardot Skirt

The back has a big black bow! Super cute! Im actually thinking I might wear the bow at the front! The tag is there so its obviously meant to be the back but when I tried it on I like the bow at the front!! Teamed with a black tank and heels I think this will be a pretty cool outfit!
Picture 012

Forever New has awesome stuff! Went in there today and saw so much I wanted to buy! can not wait to start my new winter look! Very exciting! I did walk away with 3 items! One black lace body suit.. check... one white semi small studded top.. check and one studded bling cuff.. check! I think I shall be revisiting this store on a weekly basis! Awesome leather, studs, grunge style clothes mixed with that hip ultra chic trashy yet ever so classy look! Not to mention the fantastic range of tights!
Forever New

Yesterday I hit the shops of Subiaco! Was so fun ducking in and out of cool little shops in between interviews! I was walking past this awesome dress shop and this dress was in the window and I just HAD to try it on even though I had no intention of buying it! Here I was secretly snapping pictures of myself in the change room and the next thing I know the sales girl knocks on the door and asks me to come out! So i do and she gave me these manky heels and asks do I want to take a picture! hahahaha So i hand her my camera and she happily snaps a photo! The dress was sooooooooooo cute! I really did like it! Until I looked at the price tag! Not a purchase yet it was so cute the dress I just had to share it with you!
Picture 005

Until next time! xo

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One down, eleven to go.

So, this happened, and I'm not ashamed in any way.

My new baby

It was a very fortuitous thing, in fact. I had to duck into the city after work to get a present for my mother-in-law's birthday. I happened to walk by the Review boutique (I don't even usually walk that way, in fact) and noticed a very nice dress in the window. (The dress in question is called Parisian Office Worker, which does sound for all the world like something I'd go for.) So I went in to have a closer look, and it happened to be on the same rack as My Glorious Jacket. And I thought hey, why not try the jacket on again? So I pulled it off the rack, and the sales assistant came over and said she didn't mean to seem pushy, but she thought I might want to know that the jacket in my hand was the last one in the country larger than a size 6. And I said, oh, that's interesting, went to the changerooms, did a quick little celebratory dance at my good fortune, and went and paid for The Last Available Version Of My Glorious Jacket.

She said it's the fastest selling item they've ever had. It might turn out that I've missed my chance to get the matching skirt, but I wasn't 100% sure I wanted it anyway. But the jacket? That's a List Item. I honestly couldn't be happier. I nearly missed out, which just goes to show that you really should buy something that you love right away. I've exceeded my clothing budget for this pay now, so I'll have to retire to contemplate my next sartorial move. I'm sure Ish and Tris will have it more than covered while I do so, though.

Like the new banner? Mark the Magnificent drew it up for us. I love it! Thanks Mark! (The smoking plastic Ish is holding is somewhat reminiscent of me this afternoon.)

- Hayley xoxo

PS I completely forgot to mention that My Glorious Jacket is called the Waldorf jacket. Of course it is. Queen B wouldn't settle for less.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things!

I thought I would blog a few of my favourite things I have bought over the last few weeks to get us started! I sometimes go through phases where I will buy excessive amounts of items then not really buy much for few weeks. This gives my bank balance time to recover and it also gives me time to think about things I’ve seen around the place. I can think about what I currently have in my wardrobe and if that glittery sequined top I saw will really go with anything else I currently have. I often find that I won’t go back for half the things I thought I had to have otherwise I didn’t know if I could go on. If I do decide I really want it I often make quick trips to the shops during my lunch break! Once I’ve decided I want something I feel I have to get it ASAP, what if they sell out? My life would surely end...!

I got these ruffled suede flats from Zu, I was looking for a pair of black peep toe flats and these were all I could really find. They’ve grown on me more since I bought them and wore them to work today because I couldn’t wait to try them out! Verdict is they’re very cute, they’ll team well with jeans, a skirt or shorts. While I was buying them I saw some sparkle in the corner of my eye... I looked over in that direction and saw the cutest black shiny clutch! It was 50% off so I snatched it off the shelf. I forgot to take a photo of it so you will have to take my word!


Last winter I bought a pair of pointed flats which I wore to death, they were only cheapies so I was hoping I could find something similar this winter. I thought that a pair of patent pointed flats would be perfect (I really love patent at the moment)! To my surprise I found the exact shoes I pictured in Myer (Miss Shop), so of course I had to buy them straight away. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, I will probably wait until it gets really cold because I prefer to wear sandals or peep toe shoes, however I am looking forward to wearing them with a pair of tights and maybe a cute skirt or tailored pair of shorts.

Here are a few other things I have picked up over the last few weeks. Navy and white striped top from Review (super super cute, has a bow on the back and puffy sleeves), bling bling necklace from Sportsgirl (which I love love) and black skirt from Portmans (which I can’t wait to wear with lace tights and studded ankle boots)!

Misc Items

Autumn and winter clothes have just started hitting the shops. When new season fashion starts coming out I slightly panic and think “Oh my gosh, I need to get it all now before it sells out, I need to be prepared’. I don’t care that it’s still summer and probably won’t wear any of it for another month or even two. Or that this is just the beginning of the stock and there will be plenty more to come. So this is my autumn/winter shopping list of things to get soon:

- Cream patent pumps from Zu (I have a $50 off voucher...yay!)
- Black studded ankle boots and maybe a tan pair if I can find some I love
- Cream lace Alana Hill tights
- Black polka dot tights, I saw some in Forever New and I think Review have them
- Long cardigan to wear with tights (Black or grey....or maybe both)
- Dark denim ‘strinny’ jeans (Cross between skinny and straight leg jeans....I made it up, hopefully they exist or something similar)
- Black crop jacket I saw in dotti, very vintage looking

Wow....this list is getting big! There are also several other things I’ve been meaning to get:

- Light grey tee, loose fitting but not too baggy!
- Bobbi brown makeup manual which I’ll probably get on Amazon so I might grab a couple of other books I’ve been meaning to get!
- try cover my dark circles. If you were wondering why I don’t have one already (I’m sure many girls would consider this a staple) I don’t wear much makeup but I’m starting to and am going to start experimenting with a few things I don’t often eyeshadow and eyeliner ( I hear the gasps.....)
- Speaking of dark circles there’s a product I’ve been meaning to try so I’ll add that to the list – Jan Marini Factor A Eyes
- Dior sunglasses I walked pass the other day and have been thinking of them ever since. I haven’t even tried them on yet so I’ll have to see if they even suit me! I’ve found them on ebay so I’m ready to go! I have been looking for a pair of classic black sunglasses for a while so it’s not a impulse buy!

I’m going to stop myself there because this list is getting excessive...where will I even get all this money from to buy all these things? I want all this stuff like this weekend! Sure I have a job but I also have a mortgage and bills to pay, and food to buy (my husband and I tend to spend a lot of money on food....we must like it)! I’m trying so hard not to use my credit card these days and instead use ‘real’ money to buy my things. I change my mind about things so often that I may not even end up getting some of it....but this is my wishlist as it stands and I WILL use real money to buy these things! Well.....most of these things!

Looking forward to my next blog, hopefully I will be able to show you some of the items on my wishlist!


So it's come to this.

Still life with new top

Oh, I'm so embarassed.

Yes, the first purchase I am posting on here is (sigh) a striped shirt. It's a 3/4 knit from Review with pretty bijoux detail around the neck, from their new season collection. (They also have it in a solid fuschia, but, well... you know me.)

Here it is on me in the changeroom. Note my awful hair and lack of makeup. Actually, if you could avoid noting it, so much the better. It was a pretty long day at work today.

My new top

The real reason I went to the shops in the first place was to try on a jacket, also from Review's new season collection. I didn't end up getting it, though, because I am totally torn between the colours. Judge for yourself:

"Waldorf" jacket, white


"Waldorf" jacket, black

Or black?

Actually, looking at the photos, I think I'll go with the white. The black has a lot of charm in person too though. Looks like I'll be trekking back to Review next payday. (And crossing the Chanel jacket off my list!)

I'm seriously impressed with Review so far this season. The tailoring is very sharp. I used to find that when their clothes fit me in the chest, they'd be too big in the shoulder, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. They're going to bankrupt me this season. They haven't even released either of the dresses I'm eyeing off yet, or the lace top.

They currently have 20% off if you spend over $75 on new season stock. This is, shall we say, fortunate. If you want to view the new collection, they've just relaunched their website. And if you're reading this and you work for Review... I could really use a sponsorship.

- Hayley xoxo

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The difference between style and fashion is quality.

Striped shirts

Hello, my name is Hayley and I am addicted to striped shirts.

Honestly though, I am a not-so-secret Francophile when it comes to shopping.  If a cool Parisian girl would wear it, then you can be sure that it will appear on my credit card statement at the end of the month.  Striped shirts, berets and lacy underthings?  Oui oui!

Unlike Ish, I don't have a lot in my wardrobe that I don't wear.  And unlike Tris, wearing everything in my wardrobe wouldn't take more than a few weeks. A couple of years ago, I did a serious purge of all the things that I had bought that just weren't quite right.  Since then, I've enjoyed shopping much more!  I know what I have, and what I want.  I find it incredibly satisfying to find a piece that I know will go *just so* with what I have.  I also keep a list on my iPhone of fundamental things I don't have that I haven't found the perfect version of yet.  I give myself permission to buy any of these things if I find them, with money being (almost) no object.  I've been looking for some of them for so long that I know that when I find them, they will be worth every penny.  I'd much rather spend more on one dress that is perfect and that I love, than on ten that don't really satisfy me.

Some of the things on my list are incredibly aspirational.  I will probably never buy a genuine Chanel jacket.  But I'm always on the lookout for something similar that's well-made and suits me.  Other things on the list are a specific brand not readily available in Australia, which means a lot of eBay lurking (or another trip to Europe.)  The point of the list, though, is to ensure that a few years from now, I will have a wardrobe that is complete to my needs and full of quality.  I don't mind spending time on this investment - to my mind, the more considered it is, the better.

So, here's the list as it currently stands.

  • Cashmere sweaters in white, black and navy.
  • A new pair of perfect black patent pumps.
  • Perfect nude leather pumps.  (Harder than it sounds because I am so pale.)
  • An unimpeachable LBD.
  • For summer, an equally awesome Little White Dress.
  • Chanel jacket.
  • Castaner espadrilles.  (Still undecided on the colour.)
  • Real fur capelet.
  • Black Eres one-piece bathers.
  • Hermes scarf.  (Again, undecided on colour, otherwise I would already have bought this.)
  • A really fabulous cocktail ring.
  • A 2.55 bag.  I'm not going to compromise with brand on this.  Chanel or nothing.
The list gets added to as I manage to cross items off, but this group of twelve is enough for now.  I might be crossing off the LBD soon - the new Review catalogue landed in my mailbox yesterday, and I think their lace-yoked offering might be The One.  I won't know for sure until I see it in person, though.

So, that's a brief introduction to me and my approach to clothes shopping.  Just wait til you see how I approach books, homewares, makeup...

- Hayley xoxo

PS  Yes, I'm the wordy one.  Sorry.
PPS  Did you guess the quote in the title? It's the inimitable Giorgio Armani.

"You are who you wear its true.. A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose"

I love shopping! In fact I just applied for a job as a mystery shopper! What in the world is better that sliding your foot into a new pair of heels or feeling the satisfaction of zipping up that new dress! I have so many clothes and shoes I think I could wear something different every single day for the next 3 years... not that that will ever happen though! I think I buy new clothes every week! I average about 2-3 pieces! Addict much????
I love the fact that a lot of this comes from my many overseas trips!! China especially! Soooooo many awesome thing you can get for dirt cheap! My suitcases are ready to be filled this August when we are there for a major shopping spree! 12pm-12am total shopping for 4 days( with the occasional stop for a massage! and bubble tea)! Over time I can not wait to post what I buy on here for the world to see!
I'm trying to only buy things that are not impulse buys... things I know I will get use out of.. as they say... fashion fades yet style is eternal.
Can not wait to get this party started!


So what, I like to buy things!

As like many many girls, I like to buy things. A lot of things I don't need, but where's the fun in that? I like having stuff. I like that my wardrobe is bursting at the seams with many things I don't wear, I like that I have 15 different perfumes to choose from in the morning or 10 books sitting on my bookshelf that I haven't yet read. To me it's a hobby, I look forward to spending my weekend shopping, I find it relaxing and I forget about my worries. I once wondered why am I so inclined to buy all these things, why do I spend money so easily? Then my Mum showed me her purchases from the last few weeks....I thought I was bad! She had bought the same skirt in 4 different colours amongst other things. Since then I have just accepted it. I think it's a girl thing, some get more shopping DNA some don't!

My friends and I had this idea to start a blog of all the things we buy, so we could share the joy with others and just show off our purchases!

Hope you ENJOY!