Thursday, September 30, 2010

We've been b-b-b-b-bad...

It’s been a while since any of us have posted, over a month! Our sincere apologies! We have all been quite busy with travelling, moving house, working, eating and just being generally lazy, I speak for myself when I say eating and being lazy.

I did go away, I had a wonderful midyear tropical getaway, I got out of the Perth cold and spent 10 days in humidity heaven (apart from the frizzy hair). Looking back, it now seems like a lifetime ago. I’m well and truly back into the swing of normal life and am more than hanging out for my next holiday, sigh.

The weather has warmed up considerably in Perth, is been delightful. I’ve been spending my lunch hour most days sitting on the foreshore basking in the sunlight. Hopefully this marks the end of leggings and coats because I was really getting a bit over it! I’m more of a summer girl than a winter one so I’m so happy to just be able to wear a t-shirt!

Unfortunately, I’ve put on a bit of weight this year so I’m feeling incredibly frumpy in almost everything. Now that the weather is warming up that means less layers and less clothing to hide myself. Until I lose weight, which will probably take a while because I’m utterly hopeless when it comes to dieting, I need something to make me feel a bit better about my situation. My solution for the time being, a pair of jeans that actually fit and don’t take a small team of people to peel them off each time I wear them. And, a pair of killer wedges to make my legs look longer and slimmer. I’ve been putting off buying a new pair of jeans because I’m forever telling myself that I’ll lose weight and then they won’t fit so I’ll have to buy another pair. I decided to go with a cheapish pair from Jeanswest for now, mind you, apart from being a bit too big in the waist, the overall cut of them are probably better than any pair I’ve had for a while. (BTW, that is not me in the picture, sigh).

I’ve had my eye on these wedges from Wittner for about a month now, they also come in a pale pinkish/purple colour and I originally wanted that colour. I decided to go with the black mainly for two reasons. The first is that apart from a pair of peep toe pumps and boots I don’t really have any other black heels, and I have two pairs of lighter coloured wedges/casual heels already and I also have a tan pair of wedges on my wishlist. I ended up having to buy these on the net because both shops I went to had sold out, pretty annoying because I had to pay an extra $15 for postage, but at least I didn’t miss out. I really think Australian sites should have free postage within Australia for any order over $100, don’t you think? These are now officially my new favourite pair of shoes, they are quite the find if you ask me. They are pretty high to wear casually, but because they are a wedge they are not too hard to walk in, thankfully. And, the higher the shoe the slimmer the legs. If only I could find a pair of 6 foot wedges? My legs would look like toothpicks.

I think I might buy a maxi dress too to try hide myself for a while. I’m really loving khaki at the moment and I saw a khaki maxi dress in Bardot I might go try on. Maxi dresses don’t seem to like my body shape so it may or may not be a winner.

On another note, Samantha Wills has released her new collection and it’s all I can really think about these days. I’ve already told my husband that’s all I want for Christmas, boxes of Samantha Wills jewellery, but I don’t know if I can wait that long. I have my eyes on a turquoise and silver ring, I think I may have a bit of a credit card accident soon? Ssshhhhhh…

Once again, apologies for there not being much action on here for a while. I’ll try hard to not be so lazy in the future.