Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I’ve had a bit of bad luck with internet shopping and deliveries lately so when my ASOS package arrived a day earlier than expected and everything was in the package, nothing broken or missing and everything looking prettier than in the pictures on the internet I was over the moon. I will say it has to some degree restored my confidence in online shopping, which is good because there are so many wonderful things on the internet to buy!

This is my loot from ASOS... (I’m too much of a lazy bones to take real pictures)

A pair of awesome peep toe ankle boots! I’m absolutely loving ankle boots at the moment. It’s funny because until this season I haven’t liked them at all! I used to screw my nose up at the sight of them. What was I thinking? I don’t know....? The taupe is a great neutral colour, they will go with everything! ASOS have some awesome shoes, so if you’re looking for some check out their website.

Taupe Ankle Boots

I was only going to buy the shoes above, but then I thought that I may as well grab a few more things because I am paying for postage after all. So I had a look at my wish list and remembered I recently put a scarf on it. So I had a look at all the scarves and found this gem! It’s really very beautiful, the colours are nice and bright, it will add a pop of colour to any neutral winter outfit.

Jacquard Scarf

I’ve been wanting a gold bangle for a while, I mainly wear silver but I’m finding myself wanting to mix it up a bit with some gold. At first I thought this bangle was a bit too dainty with a few too many sparkles but then I saw this picture of it on the model and clicked on ‘add to cart’ within seconds. It’s a gorgeous piece jewellery and I absolutely love it. It’s not dainty in the slightest and the rhinestones add some glam without it looking cheap and gaudy.

Gold Cuff Bangle

Lastly, how could I go past these oversized statement earrings. They’re kind of costumey but they’re so pretty and I love them too much to care. I think if I wear them with a simple outfit they will look divine. I’ve put two pictures up so you can see how big they actually are! I love earrings and especially big statement earrings.

Oversized Stud Earrings

Oversized Stud Earrings on Model

That’s me for now, I am expecting something very awesome to arrive either today or tomorrow so check back soon! It’s sooooo cool, I can’t wait to show you and I’m keeping it a secret until then!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dark circles, a thing of the past!

So, I finally bought some concealer. I know it's taken me a while and I know you still can't believe I didn't have any already. The thing is, I really hate buying makeup and going to makeup counters. I feel like the assistants analise every tiny millimetre of my face, then once I leave I'm sure they then laugh and scorn at me behind my back! I also find it hard to say no to people, so when they try to sell me 5 different products I will probably walk away with all 5. I'm sure they know exactly what they're talking about and they wouldn't possibly want to rip me off and try make their daily sales quota.

The last couple of beauty products I have bought have been from Bobbi Brown. So this is probably the most familiar beauty counter to me at the moment so I decided to go there. I wasn't interested in shopping around or trying a few different products, I just wanted to get it and get out of there. Luckily when I got there I was the only customer so thankfully it took me precisely 8 minutes to make my purchase. I wouldn't say it was all smooth sailing and I'm still not entirely convinced I wasn't ripped off but my dark circles are a lot less noticeable.

I left with these 2 products, a corrector and a concealer. Apparently my dark circles were too dark just to use a concealer, hence the corrector. This is what I'm not 100% convinced about, I still think the assistant was having me on, but who am I to really know? Definitely not a makeup artist.


Both products are very easy to use, I only need to use my finger to gently apply first the corrector then the concealer. The concealer also has a little compartment on the bottom filled with loose powder. Both products blend easily into the skin and look quite natural.

I'm pretty happy with both products, I also have a foundation stick I got from Bobbi Brown a few months ago which I love. It's so easy to apply and it gives the right amount of coverage. I'm really liking BB at the moment, it is a little expensive in Australia so when I go to Singapore in a few months time I'll have to grab a few products I have my eye on.

Until next time.....


Friday, March 19, 2010

Updating my list, too

I've taken my cue from Ish and removed some of the things I've bought so far this season from my wishlist. I haven't been anywhere near as prolific as she has, but she's pretty tough to keep up with. I also haven't added anything, because we're trying to buy a house at the moment, so I'm squirrelling away as much money as I can to pay for boring things like removalists and pest inspections. Rest assured, though, that buying a house will inevitably lead to me buying fun things, like new wardrobes and chandeliers and the like. All's quiet here at the moment, but not for very long.

- Hayley xoxo

Thursday, March 18, 2010

An update

I want to update my wish list, I’ve bought many items from it lately so it has a lot of things crossed out and I would also like to add a few new things... just a few!

This is what I have acquired recently and am therefore going to remove:

• Zu cream patent pumps
• Studded ankle boots
• Cream lace tights
• Black polka dot tights
• Black crop jacket
• Loose grey tee (which I didn’t blog... sorry friends)
• Dior sunglasses
• Mimco ‘rocker stud ballet’ flats
• Nude handbag
• Long grey cardigan (didn’t blog either...)
• Mimco shell bracelet

and this is what I’d like to add:

• A couple of versatile tops which can be worn casually or dressed up
• Perfect fitting jeans, which has proven very difficult. I hate buying jeans, I can never find any I really like but I’m setting a mission this season to find them once and for all!
• A pair of grey wool shorts
• A scarf, for those chilly nights
• Last but in no way least.... A Miu Miu bag! This may not be in the near future, but one day I will own one! I have my eye on a Matelasse, not sure what colour though.

We’re now halfway through March and it’s finally beginning to cool down, which means I will soon be able to start wearing some of the autumn/winter items I have purchased in the last couple of months. I have many outfits planned in my head and I’m really looking forward to experimenting more this year than past years. I think the older I get my style and tastes develop more and I’ve also grown to know my body better and know what works and what I should avoid.

Until next time...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding outfit

I went to a wedding on Saturday, and my outfit was assembled almost entirely from items that have appeared here in the last few weeks. Here's a pic of Ant and I:

Wedding outfits

Forgive the weird face I'm pulling.

I didn't explicitly buy these items to go together, but they do so rather well in my opinion. They also work with an awful lot of other things in my wardrobe, which is the biggest plus of having a well-planned wardrobe. I'm also wearing the Mollini nude heels from a couple weeks ago. Ant's suit it by French Connection (!) and his tie is Ben Sherman. I think. His pocket square is made by moi. Pocket squares are manly as all getout.

Speaking of wardrobes (we were a minute ago, at least), does anyone have an IKEA one? If so, are you happy with it? They seem like a good idea but I'd like to know if they work in practice.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

But, they had a sale......

I knew that I should have stayed away but I so very easily gave in.... I just wanted to go in and have a little look, a quick look then I was going to leave....and I did. But then I was drawn back, like a magnet, like a moth to the light, it was so strong. And then my card somehow came out my purse, I swear I didn't help it, it just did it itself. And that was the end, and this is what became of my terrible experience.

Mimco earrings

A breathtaking pair of Mimco boho tribal inspired earrings, and

Mimco bracelet

A beautiful Mimco twisted shell and chain bracelet.

Lucky the shopping phantom has good taste. Let's hope I have this luck next time.... I mean let's hope this doesn't happen again because it was such a frightening experience.

Stay safe fellow shoppers...


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Why hello there! So I have not been on here for quite a long time! I am on a shopping ban to help me achieve my goals in the gym! It seems to be working - I have been doing it for 10 days now! I do not feel the need to buy so much! I still love to go to the shops though.... So today to celebrate a small milestone in my gym journey I decided to buy something! I wanted to leave clothes out of the equation as I am hoping to lower my dress size, so I am pleased to say I am the owner of this!!!! I really like bags! I do have a bag fetish, I own over 100 bags and I love it! I never throw any out! What's the point of chucking them out? May as well have lots and every now and than bring out an old bag and have people comment on my "new" bag! I am leaving for Bali tomorrow so I am excited that I will be bringing home lots of new bags!!

Pink forever new bag

I really love this! I saw it ages ago and wanted it! It's part of the hot bag collection Forever New has going on at the moment! The ruffling on the sides with the studs down the middle make me so happy! It makes someone else very happy too!

Picture 057

I was on my way out of the shops and then walked past one last shop! I have been wanting a pair of knee high boots in suede... and I have never been able to find the right fit around my legs.. I love the thought of teaming my tights with boots and shorts this winter! So anyhow I saw this pair... very very simple. Plain actually! Black. Nothing fancy about them at all but that is exactly what I wanted! An everyday pair I can team with any outfit! They have a heel on them but are so so comfortable! And they squish up or down the leg... So you can wear them knee high or squish them to mid calf or even ankle looks really cute!

Picture 053

That's not the best pic, but I'm so tired and I have a lot to do so....the end! Point of the matter is that I found the pair of shoes I wanted.. Saw many more that I shall be getting!

Looking forward to Bali and the shopping I shall be doing! I'm sure Ish and Hayley will keep you entertained while I'm away!



Oh Review, I do love you

There's a lot of squee going on here this afternoon, because I just brought this home:

Review Lucinda dress

It's the Lucinda dress from Review, aka the black dress that's been dancing through my dreams every night since I saw it in their catalogue last month. Yes, I know, it's only been a month, but the thing is, I've been looking for the perfect LBD more or less forever (haven't we all?) and this, for me, is The One. It's everything I've been after. It's unbelievably flattering. It fits me like a dream. The sweetheart bodice bisects my chest in just the right spot, and the lace overlay keeps it classy. The way the neckline dips into a V at the back shows off my back (which, by the way, is my favourite body part. Weird?) but doesn't dip so low as to be obscene. The pleats skim my hips just-so. The waistline nips in at exactly the right spot. The hem finishes right at the skinniest part of my leg. You see this rhapsodising here? I'm in love, you guys.

As you will note, my wishlist contains an unimpeachable black dress, and as you may recall, things on that wishlist, to me, are worth as much money as it takes. Ergo, I was more than happy to pay the price on the tag. But lo! The lovely sales assistant informed me that dresses are 30% off at the moment. AND WAIT! I had a voucher for an extra $25 off in my bag! So this dress, worth every penny of the asking price to me, was mine for only 60% of that asking price. I'm just overjoyed. Thanks, Review! You guys have climbed inside my head this season and given me exactly what I wanted.

I really have to stay away from the shops for the next couple of weeks now. Even though I got a thumping discount on this glorious dress, I wasn't planning on buying anything else this month, so I have to lay low for a while. (Taking bets in the comments: which one of the remaining items on my list will I find in the next week and be unable to walk away from?) As such, my next post will probably be more of a Theory Of Shopping entry than Whee, Look At My New Thing! But we'll see. Never say never, right?

- Hayley xoxo

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shoe Affair

A few years back I used to buy shoes all the time, in recent years I’ve slowed down and have thrown out a lot of those shoes. I would still buy a pair here and there but nothing excessive. Judging from the 5 pairs of shoes I have bought in the last month and a half I have a feeling my shoe affair has returned. I think it stemmed from my recent trip to Singapore in December where there were shoe shops galore. I only bought 3 pairs (all a size too small may I add) but seeing the multitude of shoes did get me thinking....and looking! So now I look in every shoe shop I pass plus every online shop I stumble upon. Shoes are very beautiful and there are many wonderful pairs out there so I’m going to embrace my new found shoe affair and have fun with it!

Do you ever see something so divine that it, in a way, takes your breath away? This pair of shoes did it to me. I fell in love with them the instant I saw them. I don’t think I need to go into much detail or explain why, I’m sure the picture speaks for itself! They’re called ‘Rocker Stud Ballet’ from Mimco. I saw them a couple of weeks ago and have been patiently waiting to get them and it paid off. They were $100 off! The shop assistant was a bit surprised as she said they were new stock and didn’t understand why they were discounted, I guess sometimes it pays to be patient.


The second pair I got this weekend are a pair of totally awesome ankle boots! I saved $100 on the Mimco flats so this purchase is totally justified (let’s pretend I didn’t buy these before the flats). They’re almost identical to a pair I saw in Hobbs a few weeks back but without the price tag! I’m so happy with these. They’re a great height so I can wear them out casually or dressed up, with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses or shorts. So versatile! I really want a pair of dark grey wool shorts to wear them with in winter, I’ll have to add that to my wish list! Oh, they’re from Forever New in case you were wondering.


So, that’s all from me for now!

I think Trista and Hayley are going to have to pick up their game!! Trista says she is on an 8 week shopping ban, so I guess it’s up to Hayley! However Hayley has posted quite a maybe it’s back to me?


P.S. I have found 2 pairs of shoes from Victoria’s Secret that I want, but unfortunately 1 pair doesn’t ship until May 2010? The first is a pair of espadrilles with black suede straps and the second is a pair of bright pink suede pump wooden platforms! So I’ll have to wait until May to get these....

P.P.S. I saw a girl wearing the most perfect shoes the other day. They were black suede peep toe wedges, the wedge was only a couple of cm’s high and it was in the same suede as the shoe. I regret not stopping her and asking where she got them from. So, if you do spot a similar pair PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I would be eternally grateful!

How to pack for a summer in Europe

My beloved passport

One of my favourite things in life is travel. I love it! I love experiencing new culture, new foods, new ways of life. All I need to do for an instant mental release is go open my passport, and I remember so many adventures. Anthony and I have been really fortunate to have had lots of travel opportunities since we got married. This have given me a whole lot of practice when it comes to honing my skills at packing a suitcase. So today, I'm going to write up how I pack to travel in summer. This post is super long. Sorry about that.

I like to travel as light as I can. This isn't to avoid baggage claim. No, it's so I can buy lots of stuff and not have to worry about running out of space or baggage allowance. I do have a smaller suitcase that complies with carry-on regulations, and that served me well on my most recent trip to Japan, where we were staying in a teeny Japanese B+B. But for most trips, Le Grande Samsonite is what it's all about.


My happy suitcase family

This predilection for light packing means that I plan my wardrobe extensively in advance - almost down to what I'll wear on each day of the trip. I don't really like to repeat an outfit, though - I aim to not repeat at all on a trip that's two weeks or less. When we were in Italy for nearly four weeks last year, I repeated an outfit three times. But that was because it was a dress that I'd bought in Rome that I loved. Every other outfit got a maximum of two runs. What this means for packing is that every top has to go with at least two bottoms, and vice versa. Dresses must be able to be dressed up or down. And because I HATE looking like a tourist more than anything - everything has to be chic. If I wouldn't wear that outfit in sleepy Perth, why on earth would I consider wearing it in Paris?

So, without further ado, here's a sample packing list for a two-week summer getaway. Let's say to Italy, seeing as how that's on my mind a lot recently.

Four tops

Four shirt arsenal

Four is enough, so long as I do a load of laundry halfway through. (Honestly, hotels have laundries for a reason. Even hostels have somewhere nearby where you can do your own dirty work.) I always bring one top that covers my shoulders, for visits to religious sites and other places that require modesty. There's nothing less chic than having to wear a paper shawl (or worse, paper pants, like some people I saw at Il Duomo in Siena. YUCK.) For the other three, I've gone with tank tops in neutral colours, because a) neutral colours are Eurochic, b) neutral colours go with everything, and c) tank tops are the best summer top there is. I prefer wider straps but there's no reason why these couldn't be spaghetti straps if that takes your fancy. You could take more eye-catching, trendy tops if you like, but to my mind this limits their versatility. What is important, though, is that the tops are (at least mostly) natural fibre. Clingy, sweaty clothes make everything less fun. Cotton and linen are good, silk is better. Yes, I know cotton and linen crease like nobody's business. I'll get to that later.

Two pairs of pants

Travel pants

As far as I'm concerned, jeans are indispensible for all climates, cultures and seasons. They're great for days with lots of sightseeing. They can look a bit slobby though, so you have to make sure the rest of your outfit is impeccably pulled together. White linen pants, however, never look slobby. Look at me!, they say. I am rich, cool, stylish, and summering in Europe! These ones are straight legged, despite the weird balooning at the hips in the photo. Again, they crease like nuts. Meet me further down for more chit-chat on that.

Two skirts

White skirt, also unironed

Yes, two, though I've only photographed one. For the other one, I like a maxi skirt. This is one item that I would actually go for in a colour or print rather than a neutral. Why? I don't know. More summery, perhaps. But they're indisputably chic in white, too. Ruth had a navy one in Italy that I coveted. I don't own one yet, and it's a gaping hole in my summer wardrobe. I'll be keeping an eye out.

Two dresses

White Esprit dress, unironed Calvin Klein ponte dress

Both dresses have to be able to be dressed up or dressed down. If you're not as comfortable wearing them with stilettos as with Roman sandals, they don't deserve a place in your suitcase. The white Esprit one I have here is good, but not perfect. I'm shooting for a white jersey wrap to replace it. (If you see one, let me know!) The navy Calvin Klein is pretty much perfection in this category. Best versatile dress ever. And again, natural fibres are your friend.

One great cardigan

The world's best black cardigan

Preferably in cashmere. This one isn't, it's superfine merino. But its shape and length make it the best travel-friendly cardigan ever invented. It's snuggly, goes with everything but folds into nothing. It should always be in your handbag, because you never know when you'll find yourself in a chilly restaurant/art gallery/plane cabin. (OK, you might see the plane thing coming.)


(no photo, because why would you want to see my smalls?)

I won't skimp on this.  Lots of packing lists say one bra, two pairs of panties, then just wash one every night.  Ugh.  I want a matching set for every day, thankyouverymuch.  To me, it's worth the luggage space.  I do generally leave the molded bras at home though, because they take up more space than regular fabric underwires.  I guess bathers come in this category too.  One pair if you're doing occasional swimming, two or three if it's more or less all you're doing.


Shoes for a summer holiday

I can't abide travel books that tell you to get by on one pair of ugly walking shoes. NO, PEOPLE. Summer shoes are light, don't take up much packing space, and pull a whole outfit together. Here I've got ballet flats, Roman sandals, Havaianas for the beach/pool, Chucks for days with too much walking, and a pair of espadrilles. No heels, I hear you say. Well, of course not. We're going to Italy, where every street is cobblestone, which will reduce you to a puddle of tears should you try to navigate them in heels. Look alive, people. Also, all the most fun restaurants are totally espadrille-appropriate.  Oh, and wear the espadrilles on the plane.  They're far and away the heaviest individual item you should be packing.


Bags for a summer holiday

You need at minimum, a tote for daytime, and a clutch for evening. I'd also add a fabric beach bag if you'll be swimming, and a smaller sized shoulder bag. Nothing that begs to be stolen. And no Birkins. I've travelled with mine and it's completely impractical. Heavy, needs too much babying on the plane, and you can't throw it over your shoulder. (It's a super bag. Just not for travel.) Also, my clutch is actually my travel document wallet. I stash the tickets and so on in the hotel room safe and take the wallet out to dinner. (By the way, I bought the travel wallet and a whole lot of other equally useful stuff from Ciao Bella Travel, which is a super Aussie travel shop that I buy from before every trip.) (And another item from CBT that is invaluable in the bag category is this - it makes it really easy to switch between bags at a moment's notice.)


Travel accessories

This is your opportunity to differentiate your outfits with jewellery, hats, scarves etc. Again, I don't really agree with the notion of leaving all your treasured jewellery at home. You're no more likely to lose it by wearing it overseas than you are at home, and it's just as safe in a hotel safe as in your jewellery box in your empty house. If you love it and want to wear it, bring it. And for the record, hoop earrings are never the wrong answer.
I would never consider going on a summer holiday without a big hat, because I have skin so pale that I get moonburn. Plus I think big hats add an element of wealthy glamour, but maybe that's just consolation for the fact that I'll never have a tan. This one is from a Mimco collection a few years ago, and it's great because it packs completely flat.
Anyway, the selection above is a few of the things I would take. If I had a Pucci scarf, it would definitely be in the photo up there. Those things are the best. Make sure your jewellery goes in your carry-on. And your pashmina, too - much warmer, more cuddly and less revolting than the airline-issue blankets.

Toiletries and makeup

Makeup etc

I am always on the hunt for mini versions of my favourite products. eBay is a really good way to find sample sizes of toiletries. I bought a teeny Chanel No. 5 parfum (like 1mL or something) that has lasted me eight weeks overseas and is still going strong. The most important thing to me is to bring the skincare I use at home, and if I can't find mini versions, then I'll decant from my large bottles into little jars and bottles. I know, this isn't rocket science. But there's no sense in depriving yourself in any way.  If I use La Mer at home, then I'm not going to put some cheapo moisturiser on in a foreign country that my body is still adjusting to anyway.
As far as makeup goes, I think it's best to keep a natural daytime look and then pump up either eyes or lips for night with heavier liner or lipstick. Here's what I take:
  • Powder foundation with SPF.  (I like Benefit's Hello Flawless)
  • Illuminating concealer (why would you go past Touche Eclat in this category?)
  • Blush (NARS Orgasm is a safe bet)
  • Lip stain (Stila Yumberry Crush)
  • Shimmery nude eyeshadow (Stila kitten)
  • Black pencil eyeliner (MAC or Chanel)
  • Mascara (Benefit Bad Gal Lash)
  • A red lipstick for evening (at the moment, Laura Mercier's Mistress)
And that's pretty much it for makeup.  Keep your routine simple, and you can carry it all in your handbag.
Right.  Hair.  Like skincare, I look for minis of my home products.  I ALWAYS get a haircut right before I go away.  A good haircut makes you look fresh and polished without much time or effort on your part.  However, I take my GHD flat irons with me anyway.  It only take five minutes with them after a long day's sightseeing to make me look salon fresh again.
One last thing - I usually go with a nude nail, redoing it after a week.  But I'm thinking I might try BioSculpt gel next time, seeing they're supposed to last for a month.  The aim is always to look great with minimal effort.  Not having to waste an hour's sightseeing time on doing my nails sounds like a good idea to me.
Oh, and don't forget to pack tweezers, nailclipppers or bandaids.  You'll hate yourself.

Other vitals 

Travel steamer

This mini steamer is what you need to deal with wrinkled clothes.  Everything will become new again.  Trust me.  And don't forget adaptors for your appliances.  If you can't get a steamer, the best option is to hang everything up in the bathroom and have a really hot shower without turning the exhaust fan on. But the steamer is a much better idea. Other things I can't do without include a camera, my iPod, Kindle, and a notebook and pen.

All of this should fit into about half of a carry-on sized suitcase.  So if you're using a regular suitcase, you have about 3/4 of it left to fill with purchases, all the while looking breezy and stylish.  You're welcome.

Oh, and a quick word about getting it all in there.  Roll the clothes as tightly as you can.  Remember being a Girl Guide and having to roll your sleeping bag to fit into a matchbox?  Relive those days.  Steaming them at the other end of the trip will make everything better.  Take a cloth bag for every pair of shoes.  Bag them and put them on top of your clothes - the weight will stop the clothes from shifting too much.  Likewise with any handbag you're packing.  Make sure to bag up your underwear into something discreet and opaque.  There's nothing worse than having to open a suitcase and having your bras burst out in front of the customs man.  (Been there.  Don't do it.)  Take a couple bags for laundry - one for underwear, one for clothes and one for wet bathers.  (Ciao Bella Travel does really great ones.) (Hey, Ciao Bella? If you want to sponsor us, I really don't mind.)  And take an extra foldup bag, just in case your shopping is too prolific even for all the space I've saved for you.  Longchamp is always cool.

I think that's all! I really want to go on holiday again now. Ant? Shall we go back to Italy for our anniversary?

- Hayley xoxo

PS Another good webshop for stocking up on travel goodies is Flight 001. They're much more unisex than Ciao Bella (that's why I love you, Ciao Bella, because you're all about flying glam and girly) but they have so many things you never knew you needed.

PPS The most glam travel guides are these:

Louis Vuitton Rome city guide Luxe Rome city guide

PPPS I like to book hotels with Mr and Mrs Smith.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I did a bag, bag thing!

I'm not meant to be spending any money at the moment, meant to be saving for that shopping spree (what a joke....)! But I found an item on my wish list! The tan bag! Yay! This was beginning to pose a problem, I often find it difficult to find bags I really like. I like them to have a bit of personality, a bit eye catching. The last bag I bought was in Singapore, the one before that in Japan (numerous actually) so you kind of get the drift. I only ever find bags I like overseas. I was starting to think I would either have to go overseas to find a new bag, spend thousands on a miu miu one or just keep recycling the one's I have (boring). But luckily I found this (For the record, I would much rather a miu miu but we'll have to save for that)!

Nude Handbag

I got it from Forever New. It's actually more a nude than a tan, but the colour is great and it goes with a lot. I didn't want anything too brown or dark. Studs are a strong trend at the moment, studs are on everything and everywhere! Clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery. The studs on this bag gives it a chic biker look I it!

Sooooo.... When I was in Forever New I saw another bag I equally liked. I didn't get it at the time because I had the tan bag on my wish list and not a grey one. After giving it some thought I decided to get this one too. I do have a lot of bags but I don't tend to buy them all the time. Only really when I go on holidays so I thought I'd get this one too because who knows when I will find another bag I like and my next holiday isn't for another 5 months. FYI, I can justify ANY purchase!

Grey Handbag

This one too is studded, but it also has sparkly crystals which gives it a more girly look than the tan bag. I think it'll add some jazz to a more plain outfit. I'm picturing it with leggings a long cardigan and boots or even jeans, a plain baggy tee and maybe a scarf or beret.

Thank you Forever New for your cool bags this season!

Until next time.....which won't be very far away!


Olga Berg clutch

One small piece of shopping from the weekend. I picked this up with a Myer voucher I got for Christmas, so it doesn't even count as shopping (right?) It's a muted gold hard clutch that I think is super cute. Once more, this will likely be coming with me to Maryn's wedding on the weekend.

Olga Berg clutch

(Click through for the bigger picture - the resize has made all those funny wavy lines appear.)

I'd like this clutch better if the little knob was less gaudy - perhaps a pressed design on metal, or something similar. Still, I'm pretty pleased with it, especially seeing as how I didn't actually pay for it.

I need advice on my wedding outfit - I can't decide if my navy dress/cream floral headband/gold clutch would be better with nude pumps or black peeptoes. Let me know what you think! (I'll probably wear a pearl necklace, if it helps your decision.)

- Hayley xoxo

Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday shopping

Yesterday was my birthday (26th, for the record, which is a highly unimportant number as far as I'm concerned), so Ant let me indulge in a little shopping. Thanks baby! Here's my haul.

Nude shoes

Cross this one off my list. Nude shoes from Mollini in Subiaco. They have a lot of shoes going for $50 at the moment, so if you're that way inclined then I suggest you head over for a look. These have a lower heel than I would usually consider, but I really liked them when I tried them on. It just goes to show that you can't always be sure what you like.

Country Road V-neck

Another list-crosser, this time a superfine merino (OK, not cashmere, but close) V-neck jumper from Country Road in Claremont. I do like Country Road an awful lot. They make flattering, high-quality clothes for less money than you'd expect.

Alannah Hill headband

Oh, I'm so in love with this headband. I wanted to find something just like this to wear to a wedding this weekend. It reminds me of the one Crown Princess Mary wore to Prince Christian's christening. (Yes, I'm a royal watcher. Sue me. I hate all the "Mary's secret tears!" stories in New Idea though.) Also good news is that Ant thinks the Alannah Hill boutique is quite charming, and even called me over to show me a cute pair of shoes. Squee!

Calvin Klein dress

I didn't buy this yesterday, but it did arrive in the mail yesterday so I'm including it here. This is the dress I was looking for all summer - the versatile, go-anywhere lightweight jersey dress. It's Calvin Klein, and I got it for a monster discount at Royal Tag. They have a huge selection of really classy clothes for very reasonable prices, and I'll definitely be shopping there again. This dress, again, will be coming with me to the wedding next weekend.

So that's a brief look at my latest acquisitions! I really am thrilled with all of them, and I know I'll get many long years of service from them, too. Who could ask for more?

- Hayley xoxo

Update: Oh my goodness you guys, I am so in love with the dress. It is perfection. It fits like a dream, and goes with everything. I've worn it so far to dinner, church and just hanging out in flat sandals, and it works everywhere. This is definitely going to be <$1 per wear.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another item down!

My new sunnies arrived!! They are as beautiful as I remember them in the shop. Thank you EBAY! And were half the price on Ebay than the shops! They were shipped from Israel so I was slightly worried. When I got the package I was a bit anxious opening it in case it went BANG! No, only joking! They had better feedback and were cheaper that the one’s from the US so go Israel!

Dior Sunglasses front view

Dior Sunglasses side view

They are ‘Diorline’ by Christian Dior, you can get them in a few different colours but I liked the black best. Black goes with everything and is more classic than most colours which means they won’t go out of fashion. I love the shape of them, it’s slightly similar to the Ray Ban’s we see everyone wearing these days but more feminine and not so ‘blocky’.

Another item to cross of my wishlist! I think it may be time to start adding to it, don’t you think?


To add to my wishlist

Sartorialist love

  • Awesome grey-blue lace-accented dress
  • Red peeptoe platforms
  • Fur clutch
  • Brown suede belt
  • A certain Italian charm

And then, maybe then, I will look as awesome as this Milanese girl from The Sartorialist.

(I could do without la sigaretta though.)