Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello out there!

Hi all! It's been far too long since I posted but unfortunately I have been buying nothing but painting tools while we work on our new house. UGH. In a few weeks I will have a brand new wardrobe from IKEA as consolation, at least.

Anyway, I feel awful for dropping in just to ask this, but... could all of our darling readers please do us the favour of clicking the ad banner up in the top right? You won't regret that you did! is another of my favourite secret e-shopping destinations - my heart did a little skip when I received the Nuffnang email to say they would be with us for the next couple of weeks. is a super designer discounter. They sell little collections for just a few days at a time and they're always adding new things, so be sure to check back often! (And if you do, check back through out banner, heeeee.)

Right now they are selling kate spade, a collection of various designer sunglasses, and their "Vacation Issue" collection, which has bags from D&G and MiuMiu!! The MiuMius are sooo cute. Be sure to snap one up while you still can.

I promise to go clothes shopping VERY soon! I have my heart set on an Alannah Hill skirt.

-Hayley xoxo

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