Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long time, no see?

Hello Everyone,

It feels like I haven't seen you for a long time! You could say that it's been all quiet on the western front... Nobody has posted for 17 days??? So, of course I had to change that. I went on a small shopping trip, I only bought one thing so sorry to disappoint? But it is one very nice item, it's similar to something I have been looking for, well, similar in colour if anything!

This is my new winter mini skirt.....

It's so cute, it has zips! And they actually work, you can zip them both up and have huge, really strange looking slits up the front of your skirt. So, they're not practical zips, just for looks! I've wanted a pair of grey wooly shorts for a while and for some reason no-one, I mean no-one wants to make them this season? So the next best thing... A grey wooly looking mini skirt and... WITH ZIPS! So you could say it's even better than a pair of shorts. I get so sick of wearing jeans in winter so I'm trying to mix it up this time with mini skirts, dresses, tights and big coats! I got the skirt from Witchery, and you know what? Witchery has made me like (only slightly, but we're getting there) chunky knitwear! I usually think it's absolutely horrid but they have some very nice pieces.

Speaking of big coats, I don't feel I have enough. I need a long, wooly, possibly grey coat. Does anyone want to buy me one?

I'm keeping it short but sweet, so buy buy for now (get it, yeah I'm lame)!


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