Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fast fashion fix

So last weekend, I went shopping for a couple of hours. I was tired of spending all my money on house things and nothing on me. But I didn't want to spend too much, because a) house things still need to be bought, and that stuff is not cheap, and b) I'm losing a bit of weight right now, so I didn't want to buy anything too expensive that won't fit me a few months from now. So where to for a fast fashion fix? Two places, in my case - Forever New, and Ally.

I only picked up one thing at Forever New, a pale pink version of a hoodie Ruthie bought a few weeks ago. (And I got it on sale. Sorry Ruffus.)

Pale pink fur hoodie

I LOVE it. The fur lining is so snuggly on these cold mornings we've been having recently, and it's got enough cute details to make it feel like it's not just a regular slobby hoodie.

Then onto Ally, where I picked up four items for a grand total of $60. Yup. Here they are:

Ribbon cardigan

This ribbon-patterned cardigan. It looks bulgy around the middle in this photo but I assure you that it fits snug and cute.

Ribbon back dress - back view

This super-cute back-detailed dress. This is the back view, obviously. The front is scoop-necked. I was a bit worried about how to hide my bra while wearing this, but it turns out that the loop around the middle of the second bow is big enough to thread a bra strap through. It does require a bit of contortionism to get it all done up but it's well worth it. Wore this to work today but spent almost all day with a jacket over the top because my office is damn cold.

If anyone reads my tumblr (haha, I know that literally nobody does) then they'd know that I have a crush on this outfit:

So I've decided to build the components of it (I think they're all pretty versatile individually too) and found this kicky lace skirt for $10. Yay for cheap thrills!

Cream lace skirt

And finally, this t-shirt:

Polka dot top

I needed another t-shirt for work, and this one fit the bill fine. Apparently ribbons are my thing now.

So that's that. This shopping trip was definitely more 109 gyaru style than the previous outings I've shown on this blog, which was really fun to buy. Until next time!

- Hayley xoxo

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