Friday, August 20, 2010

Sasa haul!

I made an order from Sasa a couple weeks ago and it arrived today, which is a good thing because I've had a wretched week but now I'm all giddily excited. Here's my stuff!

Sasa haul 1

These three are all Love Bath brand. The top thing is a hair-drying towel cap - it's microfibre and apparently sucks the water out of your hair after you wash it. Fun! (The link goes to the one sized for medium length hair, but mine is for long hair and there's also a short one.) I'm super excited to use this - I'll try it out tomorrow morning. (My hair-washing is a fine schedule - Monday night, Wednesday night, Saturday morning. Is that weird and neurotic, or do other people have schedules too?)

The lower two packets are bath salts (3 sachets per pack). The left one is "Chapter of Dating" (three days til you can be beautiful for your date!) and the right one is "Chapter of Sweat" (which, uh, I can't really explain in depth, and it's gone from the Sasa website right now. Sweating makes you thinner. I'll get to that next photo.)

Sasa haul 2

This photo is sort of awful. Sorry. Anyway, these are sweat-promoting bath salts from Bison, and a moisturising Q10 mask from Kokubo. The Bison ones are, in no real order, Rose Champagne, Royal Honey Milk, 7 Hot Spices, Ginger Lemon, and Hot Ginger.

So why a sweat bath? They're very popular in Japan as a method of weight loss - in fact, a lot of girls' magazines recommend taking a bath for at least half an hour every night as part of an overall weight loss program. This is for two reasons - firstly, because a hot bath increases your metabolism, but more importantly, because sweating expels toxins. If you have a lot of toxins in your system, then your body needs to retain water in order to dilute them. Get rid of the toxins, and you can get rid of a lot of your excess water. Of course, too much sweating can dehydrate you, so it's important to take a cool drink with you to sip while bathing.

So anyhow, I have a lot of bath salts to choose from! Sadly we still haven't moved house, so I don't have a bath to use them in yet. But within a month I will be able to test them out and report back.

Sasa haul 3

This is the fangirl section. I've got the super-quick hair bun pin that Cheesie blogged about earlier this year; the Essential Nuance Airy treatment that Xiaxue is sponsored by, and DOLLY WINK HECK YES. (Except all the lashes were sold out, so I got the lash case, lash glue... and then a random pair of non-Dolly lashes.) I'm so excited about the Dolly Wink stuff. I tried to get some last time we were in Japan but EVERYTHING was sold out EVERYWHERE. I'd really like to get their liquid eyeliner too - next time!

So that's my untouched haul. I'll post again when I've tried the products to review them! Until then!

-Hayley xoxo

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