Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Maxi Goodness

Just a short post as a follow up from my last, I mentioned that I was going to try on a maxi dress. I went and had a look and tried it on, I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I’ve tried on a zillion maxi dresses and they’re always quite unflattering on my body. They tend to flow out from under my bust and make me look 6 months pregnant, which is not a good look, unless you are actually 6 months pregnant.

This dress came as a refreshing surprise, it fits nicely and the design is quite flattering. Because of the ruching, (or whatever you want to call it) it sits firm on my top part then starts to gently flow out from my waist. The back straps actually extend into a tie which you wrap around your waist a couple of times, cinching it in. The back of it is my favourite part, the detail is almost grecian-like, it adds a nice twist to what would have been a simple design. It’s a bit long to wear with flat sandals so I will either have to always wear it with heels or make it a tad shorter. I would like to make it slightly shorter but I’m so lazy when it comes to altering things. I’ll probably get around to it in about a year or two, and by that time I probably won’t even like it anymore. So it’s probably staying long.

Bardot Maxi Dress

I spent last weekend in Adelaide catching up with some of my husband’s family. I had a short look around at some shops, nothing really that exciting. I did find quite a few nice boutiques along this one street but everything was super expensive and I was in a bit of a rush. I did find this bag, I was drawn to the tribal pattern. It’s quite funky, and I love the strong shape of it. At the time I had been carrying around a smallish bag and I was thinking how good it felt not to be dragging around a gigantic sack. So I’m quite excited to be adding this smaller bag to my collection.

Tribal Bag

That's about all for now!


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