Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Missing In Action

Hello fellow shoppers! It has been awhile now hasn't it! I am still on my shopping ban and I am proud to say that I have been doing well! So excited for winter and the new clothes I want to buy! Originally I said that I was going to stop buying clothes till May, I am thinking I might even extend this as I have been working so hard in the gym and am just getting back on track so I may need a little more time to get where I want! I thought I would pop in and report on my purchases from my Bali trip! Bali was so good to me it was amazing. I am in love with every single thing I purchased! When I was packing I thought to myself that it would be nice if I could find 10 nice bags to come home with.... I came home with so many.. I told people 23 but in actual fact it was closer to 30.... I love bags! I tried to steer clear of the stereotypical " Bali" quality where you get home and rips form straight away.... I think I did pretty well... So these are my favourite bags from my latest bag spluge.

Picture 059
I was pretty happy with this one! Its like a dusty pink colour with Louis Vuitton imprinted all over the body... Im not a huge Louis fan but I liked this as it was really different!

Another Louis I got was one that I have actually wanted for awhile.. When I was in Japan I went into the Louis Vuitton shops over there and saw these designs.. The brown with the highlighter colours stands out so much! I love it.. normally I would have opted for pink but I went a little different and chose orange... I have a couple of other bits and bobs from this collection, my passport holder is the brown with the green highlighter and I have a brown with the pink over it bag and wallet. I would like a pink one in this style tho!

Picture 083

One of my favourite designers is Marc Jacobs, I love the classic look of all Marc Jacobs bags. China has the best replicas in my opinion but this trip I did manage to find 3 I liked. I have always wanted a bubble shaped bag in cream... so when I found this it was an automatic sale. I spent about 40 minutes bargining with this particular shop owner and in the end walked away with 3 Marc bags and a super price. Cream, white and tan..... I love the lining on these bags! They did a good job at replicating the real ones... One day if I was ever to buy a "real"bag I think it would be a Marc....

Picture 067

Picture 065

Picture 078

An interesting bag was the Balenciaga I purchased... I have always liked the story behind the spanish designer but I have never owned any of the designs. The colour drew me to this particualr bag. Its salmon pink and made longer than the typical Balenciaga bags... Sort of almost a rectangle. it has a long strap and all in all just looks really nice. I took it out for the first time yesterday and had 3 girls ask me where I had found my bag...

Picture 082

Those are the favourites of the trip.. I did buy smaller bags and quite a few were Chanel... Also loved the Chanel wallets that seemed to be everywhere!Wallets are something that I can never have enough of for some reason... I have a drawer with many in it and yet I am still drawn to buy even more!

Picture 089

Picture 063

Picture 062

I had alot of fun buying all my bags! I had even more fun shopping with girls who are not typically into bags normally! It was so fun helping them select their loot and than seeing them carrying it around later that day and telling me that they wanted more!

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  1. love your taste in fashion! i'm off to bali next month, what's the best place/area where i can purchse some great bags? I'm looking in particular for Mimco brand - big fan!