Monday, April 12, 2010

Shopaholics Anonymous

Hello, my name is Ishia and I am a shopaholic. It’s been approximately 2 hours since my last purchase (at time of writing) and only a few days since I vowed not to buy anything more. I’ve been bad and I am slightly ashamed. This is what happens when I have no supervision and am left alone, so I could say that it’s not my fault. I could say that it’s my husband’s fault, if he didn’t work last night I would have gone straight home to meet him, but he was busy, and I was bored, so I went to the shop. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything more for a while, and because I did I kind of feel like I have stolen something. I feel quite terrible in fact, but I think this is a good thing. Maybe I just needed to get this one last splurge out of my system and now I’m ready to stop?

So, ready for my justifications?!!

I really like the leggings/tights trend. Let me just clarify, I like leggings worn with a short dress or a long cardigan, etc. DEFINITELY not with a normal length top, leggings are for wearing underneath things, not as a pair of pants. I see too many girls who totally miss the point of leggings and it drives me nuts. There are a couple of exceptions however, wearing leggings with a top to the gym is totally acceptable and also if you are supermodel thin and they are a pair of totally chic leather or textured leggings, then I think that too is acceptable! So back to my justification, I wanted a cream dress to wear with black tights, and I found one in Forever New so I bought it. I’m going to see Cats this week so I think I might wear it then.

Cream Dress

I saw some black sandals in a Big W catalogue so I went to have a look. Turns out the sandals were horrible in real life (no surprises there), but I did find these black ankle boots, for $30 you can’t go wrong. I know I already have a pair of black ankle boots but these ones were too cute and cheap to pass up! I think I’ll wear them with the dress to Cats!

Black Ankle Boots

I wrote in my last post that I wanted a trench coat or cream coat. I feel like I have jumped the gun here and bought the first one I saw, but I really love this. It’s a trench coat but not the basic style you usually see. This one has little puffy shoulders and quite a full skirt so it’s more of a trench dress. It’s long enough to wear with just leggings and it has a navy and white striped lining on the cuffs which looks adorable if you roll up the sleeves, Hayley would approve! When I tried it on my heart melted which is why I bought it straight away without really looking at any others. Every time I picture it on I’m also wearing a little hat so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for one that will compliment it.

Trench Coat

I bought all this stuff last Thursday and started writing this post that night. I was too lazy to finish it then and left it all weekend. Over the weekend I may have purchased something too. This was hugely influence by my husband. He told me to buy it, he really did! I was hesitant to spend that much money considering we don’t have much at the moment. It was on sale and he said I would regret it if I didn’t, so being a good wife I listened to my husband. I’ve wanted a leather black bag for a long time, I bought a Chloe one in Singapore at Christmas time which I do love but the shoulder strap is too small to actually put over your shoulder and it really frustrates me. The strap on this one is a great length and the leather is so soft and smells nice, I love the smell of new leather! When I went to pay for it I also grabbed a pair of gel heel grips, the shop assistant forgot to put them through with the bag so she just threw them in for free, score! I think it probably had something to do with the fact that I was wearing a pair of Mimco shoes and earrings and she was like wow, you must like Mimco! And yes indeed I do.

Mimco Day Bag

So that’s all from me for now. Last night I woke up and this thought popped into my head ‘I need a pink boyfriend blazer’. I don’t know where it came from and I keep thinking about it, I think it must be a sign? I would love one, I think it would look sweet with a pair of jeans and espadrilles or wedges, I keep picturing that way in my head, so I think I will keep my eyes out for one.

Bye bye for now!


I've been requested to provide a few more details for the dress and trench coat in this post. The trench coat is by Bardot which I got from Myer, but I have seen it in the Bardot stores and it was $129.95. The silk dress from Forever New was $99.95 and it's called 'Drape Sleeve Mini Dress (DR2129) in Sahara Beige.

Hope this helps!

Ishia xox


  1. Hi, where did you get the trench coat from? & how much was it? Also can you post the style details for the forever new dress as I think it would be great for a wedding I have to attend. Cheers -B

  2. Hey!
    I got the trench from Myer, the brand is Bardot. I've also seen in in the Bardot stores and I think it was about $120 - $150...can't quite remember sorry! It's really beautiful on, i'd recommend it to anyone! I'll have to look at the dress when I get home to get the details and then i'll update my post!