Friday, April 9, 2010

That sweet smell of......????

While I have been busy not buying clothes in my efforts to stick to my plan I have not given up my love for shopping... I have just turned my interest to other things to buy. While I was away in Bali I took full advantage of duty free shopping and purchased several perfumes that I have been wanting for awhile. Perfume is one thing that I am eternally grateful for. I love love love it! There is not one day that goes past where I don't use it.... than again I guess most people would use it on a daily basis so I guess I'm not really all that different to your average girl! I do throw a bottle in my bag on the way out of the door for those top up spritzzzzzz.... My scent will differ depending on my mood but I do tend to stick to floral sweet scents that remind me of summer. I am very partial to vanilla top notes though....

Being a Marc Jacobs fan I love his perfumes.. Daisy and Lola remind me of spicy fruit salad... Daisy is slightly tamer than Lola with Lola being quite a loud scent. Lots of pear and grapefruit. The actual notes of Lola are the notes: pink peppercorn, pear d’anjou, ruby red grapefruit, fuchsia peony, rose, geranium, vanilla, tonka bean and creamy musk. I love that this scent stays with you the whole day! Daisy is more of a younger scent mixing what I think smells like strawberries and vanilla pods! The attraction here is defiantly the bottles! The bright vinyl flowers on the cap are so cute! I love them! Daisy has white or gold button flowers and Lola has a bright retro coloured flower.....


The Chloe perfume I now own is such a classic scent. When I read the reviews and saw the target for the perfume I thought that the advertising team were trying too hard... romantic, edgy, sexual and sensual woman... sounds pretty typical for a perfume ad to me however once I gave it a go I was nicely surprised... hence the purchase. This is a good gym perfume.. Nothing like a bit of sensuality when you are sweating on the cross trainer now is there? hahah. The bottle is compact as well with a cute little ribbon around the nape of the neck.


Michael Kors!!! You are a legend and I am in love with Very Hollywood. If I had to recommend a perfume to anyone this would be it..... "Heads Turn, energy and excitement stir the scene, an intoxicating frenzy, the spotlight is on.......... This is your moment!" so very very true.. I am asked so often what I am wearing whenever I wear this. It is beautiful. White Gardenias are so so pretty in this... And it even looks beautiful.. a light pink in a pretty bottle. Love Love Love. A romantic dinner is on the cards with this one!


If you are looking for a vintage funky scent than my next perfume is the one to go. I know this is a denim brand and true religion jeans are hot hot hot so it is no surprise that the perfume lives up to the name! One day I aspire to buy some true religion jeans. The ads always look amazing! You do need a perky little butt though so this is quite a way off I guess. The perfume is enough for now! I wear this to combat.... Kind of a good kick butt punch the air mood lifter! Its a very floral yet musky wood like ( in a nice way) with bursts of sweetness! It really does remind me of jeans and denim for some reason. Very vintage.. The bottle is interesting.... I like it!

true religion

I am a Juicy Couture perfume die hard fan... Love the bottles, love the perfume and it is one of those perfume that I have purchased 2 or more bottles of purely because I love it and use it to death.... Viva la Juicy is my best friend.. so youthful and just amazingly sweet and fun. Very girly and the bottle is cute as pie! When I read in a magazine that Couture Couture was being released I was so excitted to see what the bottle would be like... It does not disappoint at all.. the scent reminds me of the original fragrance alot... a little sweeter yet very strong and confident. The fragrance notes feature mandarin, orange blossom, pink grape accord, star jasmine, honeysuckle, blushed plum, amber, vanilla and creamy sandalwood. It is one of those perfumes you either love or hate. If you do wear it you kind of are put into the make a scene, love life vibes.... I am def a fan of Couture Couture... check out the bottle!

couture couture

Perfume makes an outfit complete! I am so glad it was invented it makes me happy when I'm a bit down! I love being in the gym and smelling nice! it may sound a bit gross but once you start to sweat and your pores open I love it how the sweet scent escapes and when your pushing the sweat out of your face you still smell nice! I'm sure you get the picture!

I am planning on buying lots of accessories over the next week or two so stick with me!


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