Friday, February 26, 2010

Goodbye $$$

I really love Mink Pink! I am so excited and happy with their fall collection. It is very edgy lots of zips, studs and rips! I know my wish list says that I would like the entire collection (I really do like everything) but I am not sure if this will actually happen! I am pleased to say that I did start off my Mink Pink collection with 3 black skirts! They are all short and as I am not really friends with my legs at the moment I was hesitant to try them on however I did and I was pleasantly surprised. I usually wear short skirts and dresses anyhow but was trying to find something longer that sat just above the knee but I can't pull it off.. I look like a frumpy roast pork. I am happy with the ones I found today and as the weather gets too cold for short skirts I guess I shall just feed my obsession with tights!


Speaking of tights I was in the city and stopped in at Alannah Hill to check out their tights! They actually have some really nice ones! Saw at least 3 pairs I want! I walked away with this pair though... They are called lighter than air thigh high! I love them because it looks like they stop after the lacey knee but they dont!

Alannah Hill Tights

Sportsgirl! Well what can I say here... I love u! I tried on so much stuff in there today! I walked in there after I had been to the gym so here I was looking not too glamorous going in and out of the change room fifty million times lugging my huge gym bag! Everytime I tried something on I had to take my shoes off! Kind of reminded me of Japan! They have this awesome leather jacket which I like better than the Forever New one I wanted so lucky I didn't rush out and buy the first one I saw! I also loved the Audrey Hepburn style jacket I saw in there.. was really really nice.. something totally different to what I would usually wear! And totally different to the theme I wanted to go with this winter.. maybe I can combine the two.. that would make me a grungey Audrey Hepburn in studded heels!
So what did I actually buy?? An oatmeal coloured top which could be classed as a blouse (a nice one tho!), silver chained long drop necklace and a light purply flowered headband!
I shall most definitely be a regular of Sportsgirl in the coming weeks!

Oatmeal top



There was also this really cute book I got the other day! It is by Caroline Cox and is called... How to be Adored.... A girl's guide to Hollywood Glamour! It is seriously so cute! It is pretty much all about old school Hollywood style icons and adopting that style in today's society, with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Mae West, Jackie O and who could forget Marilyn Monroe! Some of it is really funny.. there is this bit that tells you how to wash your face like Marilyn Monroe! hahah Overall it is an interesting read plus it's pink! :-)

How to be adored

So I'm looking at my wish list and I have sort of started getting bits and pieces from it.... Mink Pink... tights.... that's about it! I should stick to what's on the list from now on! There is sooooo much I want to buy... I should save the $$$ but where is the fun in that!

Happy shopping!

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