Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These are a few of my favourite things!

I thought I would blog a few of my favourite things I have bought over the last few weeks to get us started! I sometimes go through phases where I will buy excessive amounts of items then not really buy much for few weeks. This gives my bank balance time to recover and it also gives me time to think about things I’ve seen around the place. I can think about what I currently have in my wardrobe and if that glittery sequined top I saw will really go with anything else I currently have. I often find that I won’t go back for half the things I thought I had to have otherwise I didn’t know if I could go on. If I do decide I really want it I often make quick trips to the shops during my lunch break! Once I’ve decided I want something I feel I have to get it ASAP, what if they sell out? My life would surely end...!

I got these ruffled suede flats from Zu, I was looking for a pair of black peep toe flats and these were all I could really find. They’ve grown on me more since I bought them and wore them to work today because I couldn’t wait to try them out! Verdict is they’re very cute, they’ll team well with jeans, a skirt or shorts. While I was buying them I saw some sparkle in the corner of my eye... I looked over in that direction and saw the cutest black shiny clutch! It was 50% off so I snatched it off the shelf. I forgot to take a photo of it so you will have to take my word!


Last winter I bought a pair of pointed flats which I wore to death, they were only cheapies so I was hoping I could find something similar this winter. I thought that a pair of patent pointed flats would be perfect (I really love patent at the moment)! To my surprise I found the exact shoes I pictured in Myer (Miss Shop), so of course I had to buy them straight away. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, I will probably wait until it gets really cold because I prefer to wear sandals or peep toe shoes, however I am looking forward to wearing them with a pair of tights and maybe a cute skirt or tailored pair of shorts.

Here are a few other things I have picked up over the last few weeks. Navy and white striped top from Review (super super cute, has a bow on the back and puffy sleeves), bling bling necklace from Sportsgirl (which I love love) and black skirt from Portmans (which I can’t wait to wear with lace tights and studded ankle boots)!

Misc Items

Autumn and winter clothes have just started hitting the shops. When new season fashion starts coming out I slightly panic and think “Oh my gosh, I need to get it all now before it sells out, I need to be prepared’. I don’t care that it’s still summer and probably won’t wear any of it for another month or even two. Or that this is just the beginning of the stock and there will be plenty more to come. So this is my autumn/winter shopping list of things to get soon:

- Cream patent pumps from Zu (I have a $50 off voucher...yay!)
- Black studded ankle boots and maybe a tan pair if I can find some I love
- Cream lace Alana Hill tights
- Black polka dot tights, I saw some in Forever New and I think Review have them
- Long cardigan to wear with tights (Black or grey....or maybe both)
- Dark denim ‘strinny’ jeans (Cross between skinny and straight leg jeans....I made it up, hopefully they exist or something similar)
- Black crop jacket I saw in dotti, very vintage looking

Wow....this list is getting big! There are also several other things I’ve been meaning to get:

- Light grey tee, loose fitting but not too baggy!
- Bobbi brown makeup manual which I’ll probably get on Amazon so I might grab a couple of other books I’ve been meaning to get!
- try cover my dark circles. If you were wondering why I don’t have one already (I’m sure many girls would consider this a staple) I don’t wear much makeup but I’m starting to and am going to start experimenting with a few things I don’t often eyeshadow and eyeliner ( I hear the gasps.....)
- Speaking of dark circles there’s a product I’ve been meaning to try so I’ll add that to the list – Jan Marini Factor A Eyes
- Dior sunglasses I walked pass the other day and have been thinking of them ever since. I haven’t even tried them on yet so I’ll have to see if they even suit me! I’ve found them on ebay so I’m ready to go! I have been looking for a pair of classic black sunglasses for a while so it’s not a impulse buy!

I’m going to stop myself there because this list is getting excessive...where will I even get all this money from to buy all these things? I want all this stuff like this weekend! Sure I have a job but I also have a mortgage and bills to pay, and food to buy (my husband and I tend to spend a lot of money on food....we must like it)! I’m trying so hard not to use my credit card these days and instead use ‘real’ money to buy my things. I change my mind about things so often that I may not even end up getting some of it....but this is my wishlist as it stands and I WILL use real money to buy these things! Well.....most of these things!

Looking forward to my next blog, hopefully I will be able to show you some of the items on my wishlist!


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