Saturday, February 27, 2010

Packages of Happiness

When shopping on the internet there are always 2 highs. The first is when you enter your credit card details and click 'Buy Now', then the second is when you receive your package in the mail. It is sometimes annoying waiting for your precious package to arrive but it's also exciting. You get to appreciate it more because you waited a while for it and you can think about what outfits it will go with and where you could wear it!

I really love accessories, especially things a bit different and sometimes a bit bold and dramatic. I struggle finding these sorts of accessories at reasonable prices, I find a lot of things look cheap and nasty or they're just too boring. Hayley recently introduced me to a shop called 'Anthropologie' and as far as jewellery goes I have won lotto! They have the most amazing pieces, beautiful necklaces, earring and bracelets. Lots of colour, lots of bling and lots of prettiness! I ordered a few items a couple of weeks ago and I finally received them yesterday! There was a bit of a mix-up with one of my items, they sent me the wrong thing, and of course it was the one I wanted and loved the most.....sniff sniff. But these things happen and at least I'll have another package to look forward to receiving and another thing to blog about!

I got these 2 necklaces. They're both so pretty and also a bit different. The flower pendant is on a long chain so it sits around waist height. It's very big too, about 7cm across so it won't go un-noticed. The oriental inspired necklace with the fan and pearly flower is beautiful! Both pieces look great on! They're both very classic looking but unusual at the same time.

Suggestion of Magnolias Necklace

Demure Flutter Necklace

I'm really happy with both these items, it's sometimes hard buying things online and not being able to see them in person before you pay for it but I'm glad to say I'm a happy shopper.

Check back soon for more Anthropologie jewellery because I'm certain I'll be getting more.


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  1. Ishia!! I love the necklaces, and what a beautiful website, i might be tempted myself to buy one just in time for my bday! I love "Gossamer Lei Necklace"
    xx Ruth