Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"You are who you wear its true.. A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose"

I love shopping! In fact I just applied for a job as a mystery shopper! What in the world is better that sliding your foot into a new pair of heels or feeling the satisfaction of zipping up that new dress! I have so many clothes and shoes I think I could wear something different every single day for the next 3 years... not that that will ever happen though! I think I buy new clothes every week! I average about 2-3 pieces! Addict much????
I love the fact that a lot of this comes from my many overseas trips!! China especially! Soooooo many awesome thing you can get for dirt cheap! My suitcases are ready to be filled this August when we are there for a major shopping spree! 12pm-12am total shopping for 4 days( with the occasional stop for a massage! and bubble tea)! Over time I can not wait to post what I buy on here for the world to see!
I'm trying to only buy things that are not impulse buys... things I know I will get use out of.. as they say... fashion fades yet style is eternal.
Can not wait to get this party started!


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