Thursday, February 18, 2010

One down, eleven to go.

So, this happened, and I'm not ashamed in any way.

My new baby

It was a very fortuitous thing, in fact. I had to duck into the city after work to get a present for my mother-in-law's birthday. I happened to walk by the Review boutique (I don't even usually walk that way, in fact) and noticed a very nice dress in the window. (The dress in question is called Parisian Office Worker, which does sound for all the world like something I'd go for.) So I went in to have a closer look, and it happened to be on the same rack as My Glorious Jacket. And I thought hey, why not try the jacket on again? So I pulled it off the rack, and the sales assistant came over and said she didn't mean to seem pushy, but she thought I might want to know that the jacket in my hand was the last one in the country larger than a size 6. And I said, oh, that's interesting, went to the changerooms, did a quick little celebratory dance at my good fortune, and went and paid for The Last Available Version Of My Glorious Jacket.

She said it's the fastest selling item they've ever had. It might turn out that I've missed my chance to get the matching skirt, but I wasn't 100% sure I wanted it anyway. But the jacket? That's a List Item. I honestly couldn't be happier. I nearly missed out, which just goes to show that you really should buy something that you love right away. I've exceeded my clothing budget for this pay now, so I'll have to retire to contemplate my next sartorial move. I'm sure Ish and Tris will have it more than covered while I do so, though.

Like the new banner? Mark the Magnificent drew it up for us. I love it! Thanks Mark! (The smoking plastic Ish is holding is somewhat reminiscent of me this afternoon.)

- Hayley xoxo

PS I completely forgot to mention that My Glorious Jacket is called the Waldorf jacket. Of course it is. Queen B wouldn't settle for less.

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