Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So it's come to this.

Still life with new top

Oh, I'm so embarassed.

Yes, the first purchase I am posting on here is (sigh) a striped shirt. It's a 3/4 knit from Review with pretty bijoux detail around the neck, from their new season collection. (They also have it in a solid fuschia, but, well... you know me.)

Here it is on me in the changeroom. Note my awful hair and lack of makeup. Actually, if you could avoid noting it, so much the better. It was a pretty long day at work today.

My new top

The real reason I went to the shops in the first place was to try on a jacket, also from Review's new season collection. I didn't end up getting it, though, because I am totally torn between the colours. Judge for yourself:

"Waldorf" jacket, white


"Waldorf" jacket, black

Or black?

Actually, looking at the photos, I think I'll go with the white. The black has a lot of charm in person too though. Looks like I'll be trekking back to Review next payday. (And crossing the Chanel jacket off my list!)

I'm seriously impressed with Review so far this season. The tailoring is very sharp. I used to find that when their clothes fit me in the chest, they'd be too big in the shoulder, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. They're going to bankrupt me this season. They haven't even released either of the dresses I'm eyeing off yet, or the lace top.

They currently have 20% off if you spend over $75 on new season stock. This is, shall we say, fortunate. If you want to view the new collection, they've just relaunched their website. And if you're reading this and you work for Review... I could really use a sponsorship.

- Hayley xoxo

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