Friday, February 19, 2010

Just a few things......

I am starting to collect tights! Sportsgirl is my legs' friend! I lovvvveeee the tights in there! So far I have purchased 2 pairs!

Grunge Tights

This pair I wore in my photoshoot! Love tights.. can not wait to collect many more! Under mini shorts! Love that look!


So onto other things.... this is a skirt I purchased a few weeks back! I am really into buying skirts at the moment! It sits just above the waist and sort of balloons out a little bit! The balloon effect is very flattering on the legs!!

Bardot Skirt

The back has a big black bow! Super cute! Im actually thinking I might wear the bow at the front! The tag is there so its obviously meant to be the back but when I tried it on I like the bow at the front!! Teamed with a black tank and heels I think this will be a pretty cool outfit!
Picture 012

Forever New has awesome stuff! Went in there today and saw so much I wanted to buy! can not wait to start my new winter look! Very exciting! I did walk away with 3 items! One black lace body suit.. check... one white semi small studded top.. check and one studded bling cuff.. check! I think I shall be revisiting this store on a weekly basis! Awesome leather, studs, grunge style clothes mixed with that hip ultra chic trashy yet ever so classy look! Not to mention the fantastic range of tights!
Forever New

Yesterday I hit the shops of Subiaco! Was so fun ducking in and out of cool little shops in between interviews! I was walking past this awesome dress shop and this dress was in the window and I just HAD to try it on even though I had no intention of buying it! Here I was secretly snapping pictures of myself in the change room and the next thing I know the sales girl knocks on the door and asks me to come out! So i do and she gave me these manky heels and asks do I want to take a picture! hahahaha So i hand her my camera and she happily snaps a photo! The dress was sooooooooooo cute! I really did like it! Until I looked at the price tag! Not a purchase yet it was so cute the dress I just had to share it with you!
Picture 005

Until next time! xo

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