Monday, March 8, 2010

I did a bag, bag thing!

I'm not meant to be spending any money at the moment, meant to be saving for that shopping spree (what a joke....)! But I found an item on my wish list! The tan bag! Yay! This was beginning to pose a problem, I often find it difficult to find bags I really like. I like them to have a bit of personality, a bit eye catching. The last bag I bought was in Singapore, the one before that in Japan (numerous actually) so you kind of get the drift. I only ever find bags I like overseas. I was starting to think I would either have to go overseas to find a new bag, spend thousands on a miu miu one or just keep recycling the one's I have (boring). But luckily I found this (For the record, I would much rather a miu miu but we'll have to save for that)!

Nude Handbag

I got it from Forever New. It's actually more a nude than a tan, but the colour is great and it goes with a lot. I didn't want anything too brown or dark. Studs are a strong trend at the moment, studs are on everything and everywhere! Clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery. The studs on this bag gives it a chic biker look I it!

Sooooo.... When I was in Forever New I saw another bag I equally liked. I didn't get it at the time because I had the tan bag on my wish list and not a grey one. After giving it some thought I decided to get this one too. I do have a lot of bags but I don't tend to buy them all the time. Only really when I go on holidays so I thought I'd get this one too because who knows when I will find another bag I like and my next holiday isn't for another 5 months. FYI, I can justify ANY purchase!

Grey Handbag

This one too is studded, but it also has sparkly crystals which gives it a more girly look than the tan bag. I think it'll add some jazz to a more plain outfit. I'm picturing it with leggings a long cardigan and boots or even jeans, a plain baggy tee and maybe a scarf or beret.

Thank you Forever New for your cool bags this season!

Until next time.....which won't be very far away!


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