Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday shopping

Yesterday was my birthday (26th, for the record, which is a highly unimportant number as far as I'm concerned), so Ant let me indulge in a little shopping. Thanks baby! Here's my haul.

Nude shoes

Cross this one off my list. Nude shoes from Mollini in Subiaco. They have a lot of shoes going for $50 at the moment, so if you're that way inclined then I suggest you head over for a look. These have a lower heel than I would usually consider, but I really liked them when I tried them on. It just goes to show that you can't always be sure what you like.

Country Road V-neck

Another list-crosser, this time a superfine merino (OK, not cashmere, but close) V-neck jumper from Country Road in Claremont. I do like Country Road an awful lot. They make flattering, high-quality clothes for less money than you'd expect.

Alannah Hill headband

Oh, I'm so in love with this headband. I wanted to find something just like this to wear to a wedding this weekend. It reminds me of the one Crown Princess Mary wore to Prince Christian's christening. (Yes, I'm a royal watcher. Sue me. I hate all the "Mary's secret tears!" stories in New Idea though.) Also good news is that Ant thinks the Alannah Hill boutique is quite charming, and even called me over to show me a cute pair of shoes. Squee!

Calvin Klein dress

I didn't buy this yesterday, but it did arrive in the mail yesterday so I'm including it here. This is the dress I was looking for all summer - the versatile, go-anywhere lightweight jersey dress. It's Calvin Klein, and I got it for a monster discount at Royal Tag. They have a huge selection of really classy clothes for very reasonable prices, and I'll definitely be shopping there again. This dress, again, will be coming with me to the wedding next weekend.

So that's a brief look at my latest acquisitions! I really am thrilled with all of them, and I know I'll get many long years of service from them, too. Who could ask for more?

- Hayley xoxo

Update: Oh my goodness you guys, I am so in love with the dress. It is perfection. It fits like a dream, and goes with everything. I've worn it so far to dinner, church and just hanging out in flat sandals, and it works everywhere. This is definitely going to be <$1 per wear.

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