Thursday, March 18, 2010

An update

I want to update my wish list, I’ve bought many items from it lately so it has a lot of things crossed out and I would also like to add a few new things... just a few!

This is what I have acquired recently and am therefore going to remove:

• Zu cream patent pumps
• Studded ankle boots
• Cream lace tights
• Black polka dot tights
• Black crop jacket
• Loose grey tee (which I didn’t blog... sorry friends)
• Dior sunglasses
• Mimco ‘rocker stud ballet’ flats
• Nude handbag
• Long grey cardigan (didn’t blog either...)
• Mimco shell bracelet

and this is what I’d like to add:

• A couple of versatile tops which can be worn casually or dressed up
• Perfect fitting jeans, which has proven very difficult. I hate buying jeans, I can never find any I really like but I’m setting a mission this season to find them once and for all!
• A pair of grey wool shorts
• A scarf, for those chilly nights
• Last but in no way least.... A Miu Miu bag! This may not be in the near future, but one day I will own one! I have my eye on a Matelasse, not sure what colour though.

We’re now halfway through March and it’s finally beginning to cool down, which means I will soon be able to start wearing some of the autumn/winter items I have purchased in the last couple of months. I have many outfits planned in my head and I’m really looking forward to experimenting more this year than past years. I think the older I get my style and tastes develop more and I’ve also grown to know my body better and know what works and what I should avoid.

Until next time...


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