Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shoe Affair

A few years back I used to buy shoes all the time, in recent years I’ve slowed down and have thrown out a lot of those shoes. I would still buy a pair here and there but nothing excessive. Judging from the 5 pairs of shoes I have bought in the last month and a half I have a feeling my shoe affair has returned. I think it stemmed from my recent trip to Singapore in December where there were shoe shops galore. I only bought 3 pairs (all a size too small may I add) but seeing the multitude of shoes did get me thinking....and looking! So now I look in every shoe shop I pass plus every online shop I stumble upon. Shoes are very beautiful and there are many wonderful pairs out there so I’m going to embrace my new found shoe affair and have fun with it!

Do you ever see something so divine that it, in a way, takes your breath away? This pair of shoes did it to me. I fell in love with them the instant I saw them. I don’t think I need to go into much detail or explain why, I’m sure the picture speaks for itself! They’re called ‘Rocker Stud Ballet’ from Mimco. I saw them a couple of weeks ago and have been patiently waiting to get them and it paid off. They were $100 off! The shop assistant was a bit surprised as she said they were new stock and didn’t understand why they were discounted, I guess sometimes it pays to be patient.


The second pair I got this weekend are a pair of totally awesome ankle boots! I saved $100 on the Mimco flats so this purchase is totally justified (let’s pretend I didn’t buy these before the flats). They’re almost identical to a pair I saw in Hobbs a few weeks back but without the price tag! I’m so happy with these. They’re a great height so I can wear them out casually or dressed up, with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses or shorts. So versatile! I really want a pair of dark grey wool shorts to wear them with in winter, I’ll have to add that to my wish list! Oh, they’re from Forever New in case you were wondering.


So, that’s all from me for now!

I think Trista and Hayley are going to have to pick up their game!! Trista says she is on an 8 week shopping ban, so I guess it’s up to Hayley! However Hayley has posted quite a lot.....so maybe it’s back to me?


P.S. I have found 2 pairs of shoes from Victoria’s Secret that I want, but unfortunately 1 pair doesn’t ship until May 2010? The first is a pair of espadrilles with black suede straps and the second is a pair of bright pink suede pump wooden platforms! So I’ll have to wait until May to get these....

P.P.S. I saw a girl wearing the most perfect shoes the other day. They were black suede peep toe wedges, the wedge was only a couple of cm’s high and it was in the same suede as the shoe. I regret not stopping her and asking where she got them from. So, if you do spot a similar pair PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I would be eternally grateful!

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