Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I’ve had a bit of bad luck with internet shopping and deliveries lately so when my ASOS package arrived a day earlier than expected and everything was in the package, nothing broken or missing and everything looking prettier than in the pictures on the internet I was over the moon. I will say it has to some degree restored my confidence in online shopping, which is good because there are so many wonderful things on the internet to buy!

This is my loot from ASOS... (I’m too much of a lazy bones to take real pictures)

A pair of awesome peep toe ankle boots! I’m absolutely loving ankle boots at the moment. It’s funny because until this season I haven’t liked them at all! I used to screw my nose up at the sight of them. What was I thinking? I don’t know....? The taupe is a great neutral colour, they will go with everything! ASOS have some awesome shoes, so if you’re looking for some check out their website.

Taupe Ankle Boots

I was only going to buy the shoes above, but then I thought that I may as well grab a few more things because I am paying for postage after all. So I had a look at my wish list and remembered I recently put a scarf on it. So I had a look at all the scarves and found this gem! It’s really very beautiful, the colours are nice and bright, it will add a pop of colour to any neutral winter outfit.

Jacquard Scarf

I’ve been wanting a gold bangle for a while, I mainly wear silver but I’m finding myself wanting to mix it up a bit with some gold. At first I thought this bangle was a bit too dainty with a few too many sparkles but then I saw this picture of it on the model and clicked on ‘add to cart’ within seconds. It’s a gorgeous piece jewellery and I absolutely love it. It’s not dainty in the slightest and the rhinestones add some glam without it looking cheap and gaudy.

Gold Cuff Bangle

Lastly, how could I go past these oversized statement earrings. They’re kind of costumey but they’re so pretty and I love them too much to care. I think if I wear them with a simple outfit they will look divine. I’ve put two pictures up so you can see how big they actually are! I love earrings and especially big statement earrings.

Oversized Stud Earrings

Oversized Stud Earrings on Model

That’s me for now, I am expecting something very awesome to arrive either today or tomorrow so check back soon! It’s sooooo cool, I can’t wait to show you and I’m keeping it a secret until then!


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  1. Oooh yay! Asos are the best, I love shopping with them. Can't wait to see your super secret!!