Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dark circles, a thing of the past!

So, I finally bought some concealer. I know it's taken me a while and I know you still can't believe I didn't have any already. The thing is, I really hate buying makeup and going to makeup counters. I feel like the assistants analise every tiny millimetre of my face, then once I leave I'm sure they then laugh and scorn at me behind my back! I also find it hard to say no to people, so when they try to sell me 5 different products I will probably walk away with all 5. I'm sure they know exactly what they're talking about and they wouldn't possibly want to rip me off and try make their daily sales quota.

The last couple of beauty products I have bought have been from Bobbi Brown. So this is probably the most familiar beauty counter to me at the moment so I decided to go there. I wasn't interested in shopping around or trying a few different products, I just wanted to get it and get out of there. Luckily when I got there I was the only customer so thankfully it took me precisely 8 minutes to make my purchase. I wouldn't say it was all smooth sailing and I'm still not entirely convinced I wasn't ripped off but my dark circles are a lot less noticeable.

I left with these 2 products, a corrector and a concealer. Apparently my dark circles were too dark just to use a concealer, hence the corrector. This is what I'm not 100% convinced about, I still think the assistant was having me on, but who am I to really know? Definitely not a makeup artist.


Both products are very easy to use, I only need to use my finger to gently apply first the corrector then the concealer. The concealer also has a little compartment on the bottom filled with loose powder. Both products blend easily into the skin and look quite natural.

I'm pretty happy with both products, I also have a foundation stick I got from Bobbi Brown a few months ago which I love. It's so easy to apply and it gives the right amount of coverage. I'm really liking BB at the moment, it is a little expensive in Australia so when I go to Singapore in a few months time I'll have to grab a few products I have my eye on.

Until next time.....


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