Thursday, March 11, 2010


Why hello there! So I have not been on here for quite a long time! I am on a shopping ban to help me achieve my goals in the gym! It seems to be working - I have been doing it for 10 days now! I do not feel the need to buy so much! I still love to go to the shops though.... So today to celebrate a small milestone in my gym journey I decided to buy something! I wanted to leave clothes out of the equation as I am hoping to lower my dress size, so I am pleased to say I am the owner of this!!!! I really like bags! I do have a bag fetish, I own over 100 bags and I love it! I never throw any out! What's the point of chucking them out? May as well have lots and every now and than bring out an old bag and have people comment on my "new" bag! I am leaving for Bali tomorrow so I am excited that I will be bringing home lots of new bags!!

Pink forever new bag

I really love this! I saw it ages ago and wanted it! It's part of the hot bag collection Forever New has going on at the moment! The ruffling on the sides with the studs down the middle make me so happy! It makes someone else very happy too!

Picture 057

I was on my way out of the shops and then walked past one last shop! I have been wanting a pair of knee high boots in suede... and I have never been able to find the right fit around my legs.. I love the thought of teaming my tights with boots and shorts this winter! So anyhow I saw this pair... very very simple. Plain actually! Black. Nothing fancy about them at all but that is exactly what I wanted! An everyday pair I can team with any outfit! They have a heel on them but are so so comfortable! And they squish up or down the leg... So you can wear them knee high or squish them to mid calf or even ankle looks really cute!

Picture 053

That's not the best pic, but I'm so tired and I have a lot to do so....the end! Point of the matter is that I found the pair of shoes I wanted.. Saw many more that I shall be getting!

Looking forward to Bali and the shopping I shall be doing! I'm sure Ish and Hayley will keep you entertained while I'm away!



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