Saturday, March 13, 2010

But, they had a sale......

I knew that I should have stayed away but I so very easily gave in.... I just wanted to go in and have a little look, a quick look then I was going to leave....and I did. But then I was drawn back, like a magnet, like a moth to the light, it was so strong. And then my card somehow came out my purse, I swear I didn't help it, it just did it itself. And that was the end, and this is what became of my terrible experience.

Mimco earrings

A breathtaking pair of Mimco boho tribal inspired earrings, and

Mimco bracelet

A beautiful Mimco twisted shell and chain bracelet.

Lucky the shopping phantom has good taste. Let's hope I have this luck next time.... I mean let's hope this doesn't happen again because it was such a frightening experience.

Stay safe fellow shoppers...


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