Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh Review, I do love you

There's a lot of squee going on here this afternoon, because I just brought this home:

Review Lucinda dress

It's the Lucinda dress from Review, aka the black dress that's been dancing through my dreams every night since I saw it in their catalogue last month. Yes, I know, it's only been a month, but the thing is, I've been looking for the perfect LBD more or less forever (haven't we all?) and this, for me, is The One. It's everything I've been after. It's unbelievably flattering. It fits me like a dream. The sweetheart bodice bisects my chest in just the right spot, and the lace overlay keeps it classy. The way the neckline dips into a V at the back shows off my back (which, by the way, is my favourite body part. Weird?) but doesn't dip so low as to be obscene. The pleats skim my hips just-so. The waistline nips in at exactly the right spot. The hem finishes right at the skinniest part of my leg. You see this rhapsodising here? I'm in love, you guys.

As you will note, my wishlist contains an unimpeachable black dress, and as you may recall, things on that wishlist, to me, are worth as much money as it takes. Ergo, I was more than happy to pay the price on the tag. But lo! The lovely sales assistant informed me that dresses are 30% off at the moment. AND WAIT! I had a voucher for an extra $25 off in my bag! So this dress, worth every penny of the asking price to me, was mine for only 60% of that asking price. I'm just overjoyed. Thanks, Review! You guys have climbed inside my head this season and given me exactly what I wanted.

I really have to stay away from the shops for the next couple of weeks now. Even though I got a thumping discount on this glorious dress, I wasn't planning on buying anything else this month, so I have to lay low for a while. (Taking bets in the comments: which one of the remaining items on my list will I find in the next week and be unable to walk away from?) As such, my next post will probably be more of a Theory Of Shopping entry than Whee, Look At My New Thing! But we'll see. Never say never, right?

- Hayley xoxo

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